Best Water Purifiers in India

Today you are searching for the Best Water Purifiers in India then stay cool because you are in the perfect spot. Water is a fundamental need for every last one of us, life isn’t without water, and each living being needs water to survive as it is a nature’s blessing which is important to make due on Earth.

There are plenty of employments and advantages of crisp water. As in today’s world, due to the increasing population and global warming; water is contaminating which results in scarcity of freshwater by which the majority of people are not able to get fresh water that is suitable for drinking. 

It is a human tendency that they take natural resources for granted and realizes its real value when the thing is about to get extinct or get to a scarcity point. In today’s scenario, there are many places in India which are struggling for water each day and some of them don’t even get freshwater due to which they have to use the contaminated water for surviving that leads to various kind of diseases and if treatment not done properly it can lead to death also.

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There are a ton of wellsprings of water, for example, Lakes, Rivers, Streams however these every single essential wellspring of water are influence by contamination and Global Warming that makes the water loaded up with microscopic organisms, infections and other hurtful microorganisms that cause a medical issue.

We all have refrigerators in our home for keeping food items fresh but what about water? Along these lines, by considering the nature of water in the present life all of us must have a Best Water Purifiers in India that empowers us to cleanse the polluted water by its highlights and trend-setting innovation. It disposes of the considerable number of microscopic organisms and infections present in the water with the goal that you can take the joy of new water.

Every year a lot of brands launch their products in bulk with some certain features so it becomes a time consuming and difficult task to choose one of the best water purifiers that contain all the standards and requirements as suitable for you. Each brand guarantee that their product is superior to others, but the reality is something different; some companies in India mention false assurances about the working capability. These types of companies not only enjoy the hard-earned money but also risk the lives of its customers in return for money.

To protect you from these kinds of companies we are providing you a detailed data of 11 best water purifiers in India that are ranked on their features, specifications & warranty, etc. If you want to enjoy healthy freshwater then you must make the precise choice among all the water purifiers. Don’t forget to go through our user guide to get more detailed knowledge, that will be exceptionally gainful for you while picking the Best Water Purifiers of India.

Here are the Best Water Purifiers in India

1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Smart Plus Water Purifier

best Eureka Forbes Aqua guard Smart Plus Water Purifiers in India

Aquaguard is a noteworthy brand in the Indian market particularly for a huge variety of water purifiers. This is confided in the brand from over 30+ years and has advanced toward the Indian family homes. As the water contamination is increasing, so by keeping it in concern this company has designed Aquaguard Smart Plus Water Purifier to filter the harmful contaminated water and make your water drinkable by its most advanced technologies.

This purifier holds the capacity to purify nearly about the 2000 TDS level. If you want to experience the best water drinking experience then this water purifier is a good choice. This purifier can be easily mounted on the wall with a power consumption of 230 watts. This water purifier comes with MTDS technology that improves the drinking experience by adding a good taste to it.

It is loaded with RO+UV+MTDS technology that purifies any kind of water like; from tanks, tap water, and bore wells too through six different stages to give you purified water within one hour. One of the best features of this water purifier is its energy-saving function as soon as the water tank is full it cuts off the power automatically and saves a lot of water. The structure of this model is perfect which can be fit into any side of any Indian kitchen that won’t just give you purified water, however, it will also give a delicate look to your kitchen.


  • It has a manual TDS level controller that can set the degree of TDS present in your water.
  • It contains six phases of filtration which include RO+UV+MTDS to offer you top-notch crisp water.
  • The cartridge life of this purifier is for 6000 liters of water giving you hassle-free water purification.
  • Smart Plus technology protects your purifier in case of any voltage issue as it doesn’t need any stabilizer
  • It is featured with LED indicators that indicate the purifying process On/Off or a tank full and other indicators that give it a stylish look.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty for 1 year.

  • Energy Efficient

  • High Purification

  • Auto Shut Off Sensor

  • MTDS Technology

  • LED Indicators

  • after sale service is not that much good.

2. Kent Grand 8-Litre Mineral RO and UV/UF Water Purifier

results of best Kent Grand Water Purifiers for indian home

Kent is one of the most trusted brands in terms of water purifiers in India. It works on the principle of Reverse Osmosis (RO) + UV +TDS+UF all in one which makes it apart. This provides all filtered water by multistage purification which involves RO and combination of UV + UF to provide perfect water. Hence, will not only provide safe quality water but also that is beneficial for your health by adding the minerals which are lost during purification and providing clear and tasty water to you.

This purifier is the most certified and awarded water purifier for household use in India. The power consumption of this model is 60 watts. It contains a capacity of 8 liters that is suitable for a small family and comes up with an inbuilt TDS controller that automatically judges the type of water and purifies it to its best along with double purification technology.

It is versatile in filtering any kind of water whether the water is from tanks, groundwater, or tap water. Furthermore, it is designed with ABS food grade transparent plastic which is perfect for storing the purified water. The Kent Grand knows how to give its best, the thing you need to do is just plug in the water purifier and after one hour you can enjoy the outcome of this purifier.


  • It is featured with multi-stage purification of RO, UF, UV, and MTDS that removes the impurities from water and serves you clean water.
  • This purifier comes along with a filter change alarm that alerts you in case of a filter replacement issue moreover a UV fail alarm.
  • It contains an in-built (SMPS) switching mode power supply which can handle a power supply of up to 300 watts.
  • It is built with high-quality ABS food plastic which makes it reliable in storing water and easy to clean.
  • This water purifier is suitable for municipal and tap water because of its inbuilt MTDS technology.

Warranty – This product has warranty of 1 year and 3 years of free service.

  • Good Capacity

  • Wall-Mounted

  • Energy Saving

  • MTDS Technology

  • Double Purification

  • It wastes a lot of water during purification.

3. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV 7 Litre Water Purifiers

results of Blue Star Aristo best Water Purifiers of india

Blue Star is now becoming famous, as it is new in the league of water purifiers in India but it has worldwide recognition in water purifier terms. This Aristo model by this company is loaded with some outstanding features and a catchy design to provide safe and clean water for drinking. The capacity of this purifier is 6 liters with a UV filtration system.

The power consumption of this model is approximately 36 watts. It is planned by taking major things in concern like energy efficiency, functions, and fast performance. The water in this system goes through a six-stage purification process to remove dissolved impurities, minerals, and heavy metals which are very harmful to our body. The filter contains the ATB technology that plays a vital role in boosting the taste of water.

The design of this filter is able to attract attention to it because of its magnificent design. It is available in 2 color variants that are black and white. The water purifier comes with many special features as some of them are: tank full indicators, UV fail alarm and low water pressure alarm.


  • This water purifier contains the latest technology of purification that is RO + UV that enriches the quality of water and makes it suitable for drinking.
  • It is designed with an ability to purify 12 liters per hour with its standard technology.
  • Child Lock feature in this system ensures that there is not any kind of leakage or misuse of a filter.
  • The term ATB stands for Aqua Taste Booster adds a flavor of freshwater making your water purify and tasty.
  • It consists of a UV fail alarm that indicates when the UV feature is going to expire. 

Warranty – The Company offers a warranty for 1 year

  • Child Lock

  • Reasonable Price

  • UV Indicator

  • 6 Stage Purification

  • ATB (Aqua Taste Booster)

  • It doesn’t contain any UF membrane and wastes a good amount of water.

4. Livpure 7-litre RO + UV Water Purifier

results for Livpure 7-litre Water Purifiers in india

Livpure is a well-known brand in terms of water purifiers in India. The Livpure Glo contains all those features that extent the purification level to another stage. This model of Livpure has 7 liters capacity which is suitable for a moderate size family. It is designed to take out all the impurities in water and make it appropriate for drinking. The power consumption of this device is around 50 watts. The speed of purification is around 12 liters per hour.

This RO + UV mineral water purifier is a perfect device for the people who want healthy and safe drinking water all the time. This device contains 6 stages of advanced water purification system that cleans any kind of water whether it is of tap or a tank, it extracts all kinds of impurities, in addition, heavy metals to make water safe & healthy for drinking.

The main thing about this model is that it can perform without electricity also. Moreover, it has got an elegant design with a white color shade that’s why it can suit every type of kitchen and will enrich the looks of the kitchen.


  • It has 6 stages of filtration including carbon absorber, RO + UV mineralized, and further, silver post carbon filter.
  • The tank is made up of food-grade plastic which ensures the safety and purity of water.
  • The purification system works while in electricity shortage because of the storage system.
  • The sleek design of this model increases the looks in the interior of any room.
  • Its 7 liters capacity makes it perfect for a middle-sized family.

Warranty – The Company offers 1 year warranty on product

  • 6 stage purification

  • RO+UV

  • Tank Display

  • Electric with Storage

  • Elegant Design

  • After sale service from the company is not up to that level.

5. Havells Max 7-litres RO UV Water Purifier

best Havells Max Water Purifiers in India

This Company has been serving us from 50 years and water purifiers of this brand are especially known for their unique aesthetics. Havells Max is just like having all the fruits in one tree. Moreover, this appliance uses the RO+UV purification system to ensure the supply of pure & safe drinking water.

This is a portable type of purifier that is suitable fora tabletop or can be mounted on a wall just as kitchen chimney. The purifier takes out all the impurities like bacteria and viruses to provide high-quality drinking water subsequently.

This is loaded with a double water purification system that cleans the water by reverse osmosis which, therefore, kills all the bacteria, viruses, and TDS. Additionally, it comes with a unique design to ensure zero splashings with zero contamination to the outflow.

Above all, it consists of (iProtect) feature that continually checks the process of purification to ensure the pure supply of water. Moreover, the silver-impregnated taste enhancer removes the volatile organic compounds that enrich the taste of purified water. It also has a revitalization feature that restructures the water to make it absorbable for the body.


  • This model has 7 steps purification system, including RO + UV that leads to healthy and safe water for drinking.
  • The purifier comes with a mineralizer that refills all the minerals that eliminate during purification.
  • It comes with a unique design with a 3-way wall mounting system that makes it convenient to mount it anywhere.
  • It consists of a food-grade quality storage tank that enhances the stored water to be in the purest state.
  • The purifier has some indicators such as UV failure and filters replacement which alerts you in case of any failure and stays updated.    

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 1 year.

  • UV+RO

  • Advanced Indicators

  • Revitalizer

  • 7 Stages of Purification

  • Compact Design

  • Maintenance charges are high and customer service is also not good.

6. LG Puricare RO + UV + UF Mineral Booster Water Purifier

results of LG Puricare Water Purifiers in India

LG is a brand name which is serving us for many decades and the product of LG are especially known for their high durability rate and excellent performance. Now, LG is leading in the best water purifiers of India. The thing of this model that makes it stands apart from other water purifiers is its stainless steel tank instead of food-grade plastic which is followed by many companies.

It contains a 5 stage water purification such as internal sediment filter, external sediment filter, carbon filter, RO membrane with post activated carbon filter. The capacity of this water purifier is 8 liters which is suitable for a medium-sized family. The design of this water purifier is outstanding due to its smart LED indicators that give it an advanced touch over the black shade of the body.

The multi-stage reverse osmosis provides safe drinking water by the multi-stage filtration method. To clarify, the RO filtration eliminated bacteria, viruses, and other impurities to enhance the quality of water. The availability of mineral filter refills the important minerals lost during the process of purification to provide tasty and beneficial water. This product is fit for wall mounting.


  • The stainless steel feature of this purifier ensures the freshness of water and therefore, decrease the chance of any bacteria or algae. 
  • It contains an additional valve just like one for drinking water and another for washing the fruits and vegetables with sterilized water.
  • The UV rays sterilize the filtered RO water for 75 minutes in a time gap of every 6 hours.
  • Its Smart Display makes it attractive as LED indicators show all the procedures such as UV sterilizing or water level etc.
  • It contains a mineral filter that adds on essential minerals in purified water that enhances the taste of water and makes it healthier.

Warranty – The product has a warranty of 1 year on the product and 10 years on stainless steel tank.

  • Smart display

  • Stainless Steel Tank

  • Elegant Design

  • Better Sterilization

  • RO + UV

  • Mineral Filter

  • It is a little bit expensive and wastes a lot of water during purification.

7. Aquatec Plus Advance Plus 12 Litre Water Purifiers

results for Aquatec Plus Advance Plus Water Purifiers in black color

This company is new in the market for water purifiers in India. However, it supplies various kinds of domestic and commercial. The company carries a goal of serving each and every client pure & safe drinking water. This model of Aquatech can purify the water that carries a TDS level of more than 2,000 at such a rational rate.

This water purifier is made with the primary concern of underground water which is salty and hard in taste. In addition, it contains the capacity of purifying 99% of the water from Chemicals, Germs, and Pesticides. Certainly, this model has the capacity to purify 15 liters of water per hour.

The design of this model is suitable for every kind of kitchen that enriches the standard of kitchen whether it is modular or traditional. It has RO+UV+UF+TDS technology that ensures the purity of water.

The one thing in which it lacks is the taste of water as after the purification process it doesn’t provide a good taste of water. Thus, if you want an advanced water filter with all kinds of technology regarding purification and with a good and compact design without much caring about the taste then this is the best water purifier for you.


  • This purifier has Reverse Osmosis that raises the purity of water and as a result, eliminates all the impurities.
  • The TDS technology of this purifier can purify up to 2000 levels of TDS.
  • Its compact design of this purifier makes it suitable for any kind of kitchen with even less space, moreover, it can be wall-mount like a chimney.
  • Aquatech Plus offers 99% of germ-killing including pesticides and chemicals etc.
  • The maintenance of cartridge change is required only once a year that counts in the low maintenance. 

Warranty – This product has the warranty of 1 year and same on spare parts.

  • Compact design

  • Elegant Looks

  • Efficient

  • TDS up to 2000

  • This doesn’t come up with the taste enhancing technology.

8. Pureit Classic Water Purifier

results of Pureit Classic Water Purifiers with capacity of 5 litres

Firstly, this model is launched by Hindustan Unilever Limited, and it has made a boom in the Indian market by its new features and ideal design. Pureit Classic contains a capacity tank for 5 liters with an auto shut off function that is of food-grade plastic. It has 6 steps water purification system that eliminates all the impurities and provides clean and tasty water subsequently.

The engineering grade plastic body of this filter makes sit long-lasting and durable. This also ensures the quality of water purified water to be in a contamination-free state. The power consumption of this model is 36 watts.

The TDS capacity of this water purifier is up to 1800ppm TDS by its 6 stage purification system. This water purifier is perfect; for example, water tanks bore wells and tap water. The water is turned into soft and sweet water by processing in this system. Certainly, It comes up with a leak-free fitting system that ensures you do not carry any leak-free detectors. Moreover, the company offers you an easy manual to install the water purifier.


  • The RO+UV purifier brings the TDS level to 90% down which, therefore, turns the water flavor into a sweet taste.
  • It comes with a large filter block that helps to maximize the contact time and ensure water purity.
  • It is loaded with an advanced voltage fluctuation guard that keeps the purifier safe in case of any voltage fluctuations.
  • Its stylish looks raise the decors of the kitchen and make it attractive.
  • The auto shut off feature of this water purifier doesn’t waste any water by overflowing or leakage.

Warranty – The product has a warranty of 1 year excluding additional accessories.

  • Auto Shut off Feature

  • 6 Steps Purification

  • Easy Installation

  • Power Efficient

  • It makes a little bit of noise while purification so this may be the issue.

9. Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre Water Purifier

results for Kent Water Purifiers in India

You must all know that when it comes to the best water purifier brands then Kent always stands up because of its fabulous purifiers which give the best performance regarding purification and durability. If you want purifier which has all in one purification then this model of Kent suits best for you as this model contains RO+UV+UF with 7-liter capacity that is suitable for a small family.

It is a versatile filter that can be perfect for any of the water sources such as Bore well, tap water and tanks, etc. The power consumption of this model is 60 watts. The water of this filter is purified two times with the help of a double purification system therefore which, enhances the purity of water and makes it 100% safe for drinking.

The Kent Ace water purifier has an in-built TDS controller which judges the number of minerals required by the living organisms and makes the water filled with essential minerals that is ultimately good for health. Above all, this product is ISI NQA & NSF certified. The tank material has ABS food-grade plastic. As a result, it improves the durability of the water purifier making it unbreakable.


  • It is equipped with a UV lamp that eliminates all the harmful microorganisms thus making it pure.
  • It has a filter change alarm that is computer controlled which indicates the filter replacement time and a UV fail alarm so that there is no decrease in performance.
  • The double purification system of this filter RO+UV+UF removes all impurities which, therefore, makes it one of the best among all filters.
  • In addition, the TDS technology of this filter is fully automated and automatically adds minerals that are pivotal for the human body.
  • It is designed with an ABS food grade plastic material that enhances its durability and gives it an excellent look.

Warranty – It comes with a warranty of 1 year along with 3 years free service.

  • Classy Design

  • No Noise Issue

  • Easy Installation

  • RO+UV+UF

  • Good for Hard Water

  • Water wastage may be the issue

10. Blue Star Majesto 8 Litre RO + UV Water Purifiers

results of Blue Star Majesto in black shade

This is the next product by the company Blue Star that will enrich the quality of your kitchen. It contains 6 stage purification system from acquiring impurities, further, adding minerals. Majesto model has advanced technology of ATB aqua taste booster which, therefore, maintains the pH level of water and enhances its taste. Moreover, it has RO + UV protection that ensures the water to be 100% purified and drinkable.

It functions with an operating voltage of 220 volts. However, the TDS controller has the capacity of this filter can convert hard water of 2000 ppm into sweet water. This model from Blue Star comes with an attractive design. Furthermore, it is made up of food-grade plastic material which increases its durability and the quality of water.

The RO membrane of Majesto can filter around 280-litre water per day with a storage tank of 8 liters that is suitable for a large family. It is built by considering the convenience for the customer as it comes with a dynamic design that can be wall-mounted or placed on the kitchen slab. Additionally, its black color makes it catchy that will increase the decor of your kitchen.


  • It comes with a Child Lock feature that ensures the security of the filter.
  • UV lamp in this filter eliminates all the bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms.
  • It is equipped with a double filtration method that further purifies the water by reverse osmosis and UV.
  • This model is featured with an alarm system like tank full alarm; meanwhile, it helps in saving electricity.
  • Sediment filter of this product eliminates all kinds of mud and other impurities

Warranty – The Company provides a warranty for 1 year

  • Catchy Design

  • Easy Installation

  • Double Purification

  • Dynamic Design

  • RO+UV

  • Water wastage can be a problem

11. Pureit Marvella RO 10 Litre Water Purifiers

results of Pureit Marvella Water Purifiers in white shade

Firstly, Hindustan Unilever Limited is one of the well-known companies in manufacturing the best water purifiers in India. Secondly, Pureit Marvella is a filter with all the latest technology that purifies all the water with its 6 steps purification system. This model guarantees you 100% RO purification so that every drop you drink is well purified. Its advanced technology adds essential nutrients to the water so that you get healthy and tasty water.

The company provides a user manual with a CD, as a result, makes it easy to understand the installation process. This filter is suitable for a family of up to 5 members. The compact and elegant design of this purifier makes it attractive and further adds a classy touch to your kitchen.

Marvella contains an advance alert system that alerts you 15 days before your Germ kill kit expires. Moreover, its Auto shut off feature automatically switches off the filter without providing you any single drop of impure water.

The high-quality food-grade plastic body of this filter is certified by the FDA that enhances the durability and design of water purifiers. The best part about this filter is that it doesn’t need any maintenance cost, you just need to replace the parts when needed. After-sale service of this company is responsive.


  • The product is featured with Auto Shut Off and further, an alert system that ensures safe drinking water every time.
  • Its advanced 6 steps purification system enhances the quality of water making it healthy and tasty for drinking.
  • The food-grade plastic and its compact design raise the standard of the kitchen.
  • TDS controller adds essential materials to the purified water that increases its healthy minerals.
  • Its microfilter membrane ensures that the water is purified twice.

Warranty – The Company provides a warranty for 1 year.

  • Easy to install

  • Auto Shut Off

  • Alarm System

  • No Annual Maintenance cost

  • Water wastage can be issue

12. Tata Swach Cristella Plus 18-litre Gravity Water Purifier

results for tata swach filters

Tata is an Indian company that has a major role in manufacturing products in every field. ‘Tata’ as the name suggests, has entered into the kitchen appliances sector and develops many high-quality products that are durable moreover, advanced in technology. Tata Swach Cristella has the capacity of holding water up to 18 liters.

The main thing about this filter is that it is a non-electric gravity water purifier so that there is no use of electricity. It is tantamount to RO best water purifiers of India that work on electricity. So, as it is non-electric then it doesn’t consume any electricity. Tata Swach Cristella is made up of food-grade plastic, therefore, that enhances the quality of water storage and makes the water purifier durable.

The stylish structure of this purifier makes it catchy which increases the decor of your kitchen. The plastic material used in this filter is scratch-resistant, and it also comes with a water level indicator and a dispenser tap. The Cristella Plus filter doesn’t need any kind of installation. Moreover, it is easy to clean and maintain as it doesn’t require any replacement frequently.


  • The Silver Nanotechnology of the purifier eliminates 10 million bacteria from 1 liter of water.
  • The auto shut off feature of this water purifier works best during the renewal process.
  • It is a gravity-based filter that doesn’t require any electric power to purify water.
  • This model contains high-quality plastic that makes it durable and water safe.

Warranty – This product has a warranty of 6 months

  • Easy to install

  • No Power Consumption

  • High Capacity

  • This is not perfect for high TDS level water

Buying guide for Water Purifiers in India

In today’s world, the quality of water is falling day by day and this is caused by pollution such as industries wastage, sewages, and other impurities released into rivers and other water sources. In many big cities, you will notice that most industries drainage system is linked to the river or lakes by which many harmful impurities get dissolved in water that is harmful to living organisms like; mercury, lead and aluminum, etc.

Hence, these all dissolved minerals make water impure which is dangerous for health. Moreover, if consumed then it may lead to many serious diseases. Here comes the role of water purifier to take out all the dissolved impurities and serve 100% safe drinking water.

In this paragraph, I am going to mention some of the key factors, that you must concern before opting for a water purifier. The Indian market offers many types of water filters that are suitable for making water pure and which are already in the budget but the problem is that not everyone is aware of what filter is best for themselves.

Now, many questions will pop up into your mind like –

  • (What type of Water Purifier should I buy?)
  • (In what category you should purchase) 
  • (Which purifier will be the finest in respect to Total Dissolved Solids level of water) and many more.

Don’t worry then, below is the perfect guide for you to choose the best water purifiers in India for yourself according to the budget, suitability, and the quality of water.

Types of water purifiers

There are various technologies on which water purifying is based.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

This is one of the most used technologies which is used in every next house in India. This technology is capable of purifying water of high TDS levels and as in metropolitan cities water is highly polluted so it becomes a necessity to use a RO water purifier. The main function of RO is to eliminate all the bacteria and harsh chemicals from water.

results of Reverse Osmosis process of water purifiers

The RO type water purifiers require electricity to operate as it needs to boost the tap water for maintaining pressure.  Water passes through a membrane trapping impurities such as salts and minerals in the water. After this, those impurities transfer to another tank where the wastewater discards. This technology is available in every best water purifiers of India.

Ultra Violet (UV)

Its function is eliminating impurities from water and ultraviolet doesn’t require any pressure of water by electricity as it works with the tap water pressure. It functions with a UV lamp present inside of it that kills all the bacteria and viruses from reproducing again. The UV lamp produces a high intensity of ultraviolet rays that kills all the micro germs present in water. The only negativity that it carries; is that it cannot remove dissolved salts which make it suitable for low TDS level of water with RO technology.


The basic thing about this filtration method is that it doesn’t require any electricity to function. Likewise, RO technology performs the same function that kills all the harmful bacteria and viruses, as a result, makes water clean. It can easily manage with the normal tap water pressure but it’s not able to remove dissolved chemicals or salts present in water. These types of purifiers are not good for high TDS level water.

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Gravity Based Purification

Gravity based filters functions with the help of gravity in purifying water. These type of filters works on two alternatives either the candle filter or ultrafiltration filter to grab all the solid traces and impurities from water. In addition, as this water purifier works on gravity hence, they don’t require any electricity support to purify water. Gravity filters carry two sections; on one hand, one is where you store water and on the other hand, where the water filters through the sediment. These types of filters are best for tap water that doesn’t contain any kind of microorganisms with low TDS levels.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

TDS meter for purification test

You might have noticed that in the above sections the word ‘TDS’ has been used in many sections so here is the answer to this. As the name suggests that it is the sum of all the dissolved solids that are present in water. In other words, TDS is measured in ppm as the solids are available in particles per million. Not all the salts and minerals are harmful to the body, some salts and minerals are very essential for our body so we must not eliminate all of them from the drinking water. Before buying the best water purifiers of India, first of all, check the TDS level of your water supply than only go on with buying a suitable filter as per requirements.

To clarify, the normal value of TDS of drinking water should be between 300 to 600 ppm that is good for the human system.

Less than 300Perfect
Between 300 to 600Good for the Human body
Between 600 to 900Adequate for drinking
Between 900 to 1200Unsafe for drinking
More than 1200It can be harmful to drink without any filtration
TDS Levels

Quality of Water

It is basic to know the water quality in your region as various districts have diverse nature of water, for example, hard water, polluted water, and the water with a high TDS level. It ought to be the principal stage in realizing which filter fits best for you as filters likewise have the classification for hard water and debased water. You must look out the TDS level of water before purchasing a water purifier. However, if the water contains heavy salts and high TDS level then opt for RO water purifiers as they are best for hard water which is full of minerals and other microbes.

Sources of water

One thing you must always keep in mind that of which water source you are going to purify. Meanwhile, in India, most people have water supply from 3 to 4 sources such as bore-wells, groundwater, tankers, and Municipal Corporations. All water sources have different quality of water; for instance, some might have hard water and another might have soft water. This will also help in checking out the TDS level of water therefore, it eases in choosing the water purifier according to the needs.

Contamination of Water

This is one of the most important things you must notice before buying the best water purifiers in India. As we have various natural sources of water; For instance, rain, streams, rivers, and groundwater, etc. An icy mass water changes over into stream is in the best structure and with the streaming cycle, numerous minerals get dissolved in the waterway river, out of which some are destructive and some are not.

results of Contaminated Water with a bottle

The stream water likewise gets contaminated by sewage and industrialized waste that includes significantly increasingly cruel synthetic concoctions, substantial minerals, pesticides, organisms, and so forth, therefore, it make the water progressively hurtful. As a result, this kind of unclean water can purpose aggressive impacts on the human body. Not every purifier can eliminate all kinds of contaminations so you need to know what kind of water purifier will suit best for you according to the water at your home.

Availability of water

The first thing that comes into your mind when buying a water purifier is an RO filter but before opting for RO you must ensure that you have a good water supply as the RO wastes more than 50% of the water in its purification process. It depends on the availability of water in your locality, if the water supply is sufficient then you can go for RO but if there is a lack of water then you must choose a filter with less wastage for instance.


Every kitchen appliances need maintenance therefore every filter needs to be cleaned and maintained in proper condition. There are filters which required to be cleaned every six months and some within a year. You should likewise take note of the after deal administrations of the firm in your general locality so you should not meet any issue while the changing procedure of cartridges.

Capacity of Storage

This is additionally a key factor that must be remembered before purchasing a channel as it is fundamental to know the capacity limit of the water purifiers. The storing limit of the water purifiers ought to be suitable for your necessities rendering to the individuals in your family and the use of water. But in case, you don’t have enough time to fill the tank manually then the automatic filter will be a good choice because it automatically starts filtering when the water level goes down and keeps the tank full.

Final words

Now, you have checked out the buying guide of water purifiers in India; which will ease your decision making in choosing the best. In this article, you have understood the difference between various types of filters, and the technologies used in water purifiers.

In conclusion, We can suggest you buy the RO+UF+UV+TDS controller water purifier that will provide you high-quality water for drinking. But, if your normal water has a low TDS level then you can opt a filter according to your needs. I hope you got all the answers from this article, and if you have some query then you can ask in the comment section. Moreover, you can check out all the related kitchen essentials like; best peelers, best washing machines, best chimneys and gas stoves, etc.

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