Best Washing Machines in India

In this innovative world, we are inventing new and advanced technology day by day which makes our life convenient. In the matter of technology, we are progressing very fast, as in a few decades we have invented a lot of things and to make our life easy on a daily basis. Thus, among those inventions, one is the washing machine. So, if you want to buy the best washing machines in India then you are in the right place.

As we all know that laundry is a very fatiguing task and consumes our lot of time. Earlier, when the washing machine wasn’t invented people used to wash clothes with hands and detergent bars. This task was very boring and exhausting. As a result, people used to get tired by which all the other stuff remained unfinished. Talking about today’s world, life is so busy that we don’t even have time to spend with our family because of the hectic schedule.

Washing machines are good inventions because these help us in saving time and energy as we don’t have to wash the clothes with bare hands. This invention has made a huge change in the lifestyle of people all over the world. Most people just put the unclean clothes in the machine and switch on the washing machine. Thus, the entire cleaning task is done by washing machine itself. By that time, people can finish some other house chores. So, in this way it is beneficial in saving time and easing the laundry stuff.

There are a lot of Washing machine companies in India which claim their products as the best washing machines in India. Selecting the best washing machine for yourself is a quite difficult task because you have a lot of options and varieties of the washing machines. There are many things that you must consider before purchasing the machine. That’s why we recommend you to check out our buying guide for deeper knowledge. Our research states that many models of washing machines are not so good, so why waste money on poor products. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out as we have completed our research and listed one of the best washing machines in India with a Buying guide as well.

Here is the list of Best Washing Machines in India

1. IFB Senator Aqua SX – 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machines

IFB is serving various kinds of home essential appliances and when it comes to washing machines then it is one of the best brands. This is the first washing machine brand in India to launch a Front Loader washing machine. This product by IFB includes the most advanced features that provide a faster and easier experience in washing. It performs with a speed of 1400 RPM which makes the clothes dry faster.

results of best IFB washing machines in india

This washing machine contains an Air Bubble System that produces a plethora of bubbles, which makes detergent enter into the deep fabrics of clothes and ensures a neat cleaning job. These bubbles cleanse out even the stubborn stains and marks. Moreover, another amazing thing about this product is its 3D wash that circulates water with the help of nozzles. Therefore which makes detergents dissolve with water very well and perform the efficient wash.

The drum of this product contains Crescent Moon shaped patterns that make the water pad and protects the clothes from rubbing with the steel walls. The Aqua Energie system contains the in-built device that changes the hard water into soft water by dissolving some bicarbonate. As a result, the detergent gets dissolved in water and clean the clothes better.

The model has a Foam Control System that detects extra foam and dilutes it with water to deliver better washing. The Tub Clean system eliminates all kinds of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. Moreover, this feature freshens up the washing machine by deodorizing it. This product has an Add Laundry Midway option that allows you to pauses the operation and adds the left clothes which you forgot. Again you can switch it on.


  • This product has a Child Lock feature that enables you to halt the machine settings and prevent any action by a child.
  • Ball Valve technology helps in allowing the water out that saves water and makes the wash much efficient.
  • It contains a feature of Voltage Handling that pauses the operation in case of fluctuations of voltage.
  • Quick Wash mode of this product can perform the wash within 15-30 minutes.
  • The user-friendly LCD panel enables you to see the mode of operation much clearly.

Warranty – The Company offers a warranty of 4 years on the product.

  • Crescent Moon Drum

  • Child Lock

  • Foam Control System

  • Aqua Energie

  • Poor customer service in some areas.

2. LG 8.0 Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machines

When it comes to home appliances LG (Lucky Goldstar) stands amongst the top brands. This brand is serving in India for many decades and fulfills the needs of Indians by producing durable and reasonable rate products. This model of LG has a capacity of 8 liters which is suitable for 5 member families. The product contains 6-Motion Direct Drive technology that includes 6 different types of modes for different clothes.

results of best LG washing machines in india

This product cleanses out any kind of pollens and dust from the clothes. Moreover, it has a smart sensor that can automatically detect the fabric of clothes and sets the mode as per requirement. The 6 Motion Direct Drive technology enables the drum to move in various directions and removing all kinds of tough stains without getting clothes damaged.

The heater present in this product can increase the temperature up to 95 degrees Celsius which therefore results in clearing all the tough stains. You can diagnose any type of problem in this device by Smart ThinQ app which can display any kind of error in this machine. The Auto-Restart feature of this model enables it to start its operation from where it left in case of a power cut.

The body of this product is designed with rust-proof steel so that you don’t have to worry about any corrosion. It contains a spin-speed of 1200 RPM that is good enough and it results in much fast drying. As a result, it makes less noise and vibration.  


  • The In-Built heater of this machine removes any kind of microorganisms from the clothes.
  • This model has a Child Lock function that freezes the settings and makes it safe for your child.
  • Its Smart Diagnosis feature allows you to detect any kind of issue or error in it.
  • 6 Motion Direct Drive function cleanses the tough stains of clothes without spoiling clothes.
  • The Auto-Restart feature of this model continues the operation in case of a power cut.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 2 years on product and 10 years on motor.

  • Smart Diagnosis

  • Auto-Restart

  • Rust-Proof

  • 6 Motion Direct Drive

  • Child Lock

  • The product is a bit heavy

3. Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine

This is a German brand which is famous all over the world. It produces top-quality home essential appliances which, the public has been using for many decades. The specialty of this company’s product is its superb features and durability. This product has a motor with 1200 RPM that is very high; therefore it makes all the clothes dry in a couple of minutes.

results of best BOSCH washing machines in india

It has an Active Water function that auto-detects the weight of laundry by its load sensors and adjusts the water level as per requirement and helps in saving water. Variodrum technology deals with tough stains easily and is lenient with your clothes. Another feature of Anti-Vibration of this model ensures that the machine doesn’t make any noise at its peak level and maintains its stability while operation.

Its advanced Water Flow technology enhances the reach of water and detergent particles to each fabric of the clothes; therefore your clothes remain fresh and smell good. The Speed Perfect option of this washing machine reduces the time of washing to 65% with delivering perfect wash. Moreover, it can perform a Quick Wash for the light clothes and complete the washing process in 15 minutes.

The Allergy-Plus feature eliminates all kinds of bacteria and skin irritants that cause trouble on skin. It contains an in-built voltage feature that prevents the washing machine from any kind of volt fluctuations. The Reload functions in this pause the operation in between so that you can add more clothes and continue washing.


  • The Child Lock function of this product keeps it safe from any change in settings by the child.
  • Monsoon wash of this model is best for humidity weather places which, wash out any kind of smell from clothes.
  • The Variodrum feature removes all the tough stains very easily and is gentle with clothes.
  • Its Speed Perfect technology fastens the washing process up to 65% and completes the task quickly.
  • Active Water feature auto-sense the load of fabrics and adjust the optimum water required for washing.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 2 years on product and 10 years on motor.

  • Active Water Function

  • In-Built Stabilizer

  • Speed Perfect

  • Allergy-Plus

  • After-Sale service is not so good

4. LG 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machines

Once again LG has acquired its place among the top list of washing machines of India. LG is a well-known brand all over India and most people in India prefer LG due to its responsive after-sale service, advanced technology, and durable products. This model by LG is a little bit small than the previous one as it contains a capacity of 6 kg with a motor having the power of 1000 RPM. This product is suitable for a family of 2 to 3 people.

results of best 7kg LG washing machines in india

It includes Inverter Direct Drive technology that has its motor directly attached to the drum which, therefore causes less noise, friction, and vibration. Moreover, the 6-Motion Direct Drive feature stands tough on sturdy stains and removes all the dark stains with keeping clothes soft. The Baby Care function washes out the entire poop stains and other stains by cleansing all kinds of bacteria, germs, and be gentle with your baby.

This has an in-built heater that raises the temperature around 95 degrees Celsius which is capable of removing any kind of stains. Therefore it also keeps clothes odor-free. This model has a Smart-Diagnosis feature that auto senses any kind of errors and issue of washing machine and display them in the Smart ThinQ app. The Tub Clean function of this product enables you to keep your tub clean by raising the water temperature up to 85 degrees Celsius which removes all kinds of bacteria and germs from the tub. Moreover, the tub is made up of rust-free material.


  • Inverter Drive feature helps in reducing friction, noise and vibration by machine.
  • The Child Lock feature of this model prevents any kind of settings changed by child.
  • Tub-Clean facility by this product, eliminates all kinds of bacteria by heating water up to 85 degree Celsius.
  • It contains Auto-Restart option that allows you to halt the operation in between and continue again.
  • This model has Waterproof Full-Touch panel which provides convenience in operating.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 2 years on product and 10 years on motor.

  • Smart Diagnosis

  • Child Lock Function

  • Tub-Clean Feature

  • 6 Motion Direct Drive

  • The repairing of this model stand a bit expensive than others

5. IFB 6.5 Kg Automatic Front Loading Washing Machines

This brand has also made its position in this list of the Best washing machines in India due to its excellent features and technology. This brand has been serving India for many decades. It is manufacturing front loading washing machines for many years. This model by IFB comes up with a capacity of 6.5 Kg and a powerful motor of around 1000 RPM. This makes it a good powerful machine that can almost dry the clothes in a matter of minutes. According to its capacity, it stands best for a family size of 2 to 3 members.

results of best IFB washing machines in india

It contains a unique 3D wash system that sprays water from its nozzles which creates current in the drum. As a result, this ensures the perfect dissolving of detergent in each part of clothes and removes all the dirt during rinsing period. Cradle wash of this model is best for small items like laces, chiffons, silk etc. It also includes, Express wash that is suitable for lighter and small clothes.

The Aqua Energie function of this machine changes the hard water into soft water by breaking the bicarbonates of water into crystals. These crystals are very tiny that flows with water and don’t form any kind of crust on the clothes as well as washing drum. The Crescent Moon feature absorbs the hard hits during the tumbling process by its crescent moon shaped cast designed in the inner surface of the drum. As a result, it provides a deep but lenient wash to the clothes.

This product includes Auto-Imbalance system that maintains the even distribution of clothes during operation. The machine will stop and then restart after distributing the balance. The Foam Control system of this model enables to maintain the limit of foam by dissolving it with water when the foam quantity reaches a particular level. Moreover, this enhances the quality of wash.


  • This model also includes Child Lock function that provides safety from child.
  • The Laundry Add feature enables you to pause the operation in between and add clothes.
  • Its Aqua Energie function converts hard water into soft water and provides efficient wash.
  • By its Time-Delay feature you can set the time as per your convenience between 30 minutes to 24 hours.
  • Eco Wash technology enables you to save energy, water and detergent which make it environment-friendly.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 4 years on product.

  • Aqua Energie

  • Child Lock

  • Laundry Add

  • Express & Cradle Wash

  • Ball Valve Technology

  • It may seem to be a bit noisy at full speed.

 6. Haier 7 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Haier is a multi-national brand that has been serving us for many years. The products by this brand are available easily with reasonable prices and loaded with good technology. The capacity of this washing machine is 7 kg which is sufficient for a family of 3 to 4 members. Moreover, it also includes an inverter motor with the power of 1200 RPM which dries the clothes in a matter of minutes. This motor makes less noise and helps in saving energy with a low scrape on clothes.

results of best Haier washing machines in india

The unique feature which makes it stand out of the box is its NZP (Near Zero Pressure) feature. This feature enables it to work perfectly when the pressure of water is around 0.001-0.002 mpa. The gasket and detergent drawer are made up of Anti-Bacterial Technology (ABT) that eliminates all kinds of bacteria around 99.8% and delivers you safe washing. Inverter Motor in this product makes it super silent without any noise.

The Muscular Drum of this machine contains 128 muscles with many drain holes that ensures better scrubbing without any abrasion on your clothes. It is A+++ certified and saves 30% of water and consumes very less electricity which results in less electricity bills. It also contains Quick Wash function which provides you a wash within 15 minutes without compromising cleaning of clothes.


  • It is designed with Toughened Glass Door with air tight feature that doesn’t allow any water or detergent to spill out of it.
  • Touch LCD Display with waterproof technology makes your work convenient and quick.
  • It includes 16 Wash Programs that sets the washing style according to the program.
  • This model comes up with Child Lock System that enables it to lock the settings and keep it safe from child.
  • Its NZP technology helps it to perform great even in low pressure of water.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 2 years on product and 10 years on motor.

  • Child Lock

  • NZP Technology

  • Muscular Drum

  • Anti-Bacterial Technology

  • The quality of material is not so good

  • After-Sale Service is not much responsive

7. Samsung Front Load Automatic Washing Machine

Samsung is a Korean brand that is famous for its technical products. This is a multi-national brand that manufactures high-quality products that are durable in nature. The products of this brand are loaded with innovative technology and features. This washing machine by Samsung has a capacity of 8 kg which stands perfect for a family of 4 to 6 members. Moreover, this model contains a motor with a power of 1200 RPM.

results of best Samsung washing machines in india

It includes Digital Inverter motor which carries strong magnets in it so it makes less noise and powerful functioning. As a result, it saves a lot of energy and consumes less water. This model comes up with Bubble Soak Technology in which clothes get soaked deeply with bubbles therefore it results in better removing of sturdy stains. The Ceramic Heaters of this product helps in resisting the formation of a calcium layer in the machine. Moreover, it helps to lessen the amount of detergent required for washing clothes.

The Volt control feature of this product prevents it from any kind of voltage fluctuations by stopping it and continues the operation after the normal voltage. Diamond Shaped Drum has soft curve designs that increase the splash power of water and lessen the abrasion on clothes. Eco Drum Clean technology keeps the drum clean without using any kind of chemicals. Moreover, it can notify when the cleaning is needed.  


  • The Smart Check feature auto senses any kind of errors and display it on the app.
  • Eco Bubble technology of this model protects the texture and color of your clothes.
  • It comes with Bubble Soak function which removes dark tough stains from clothes.
  • This model contains Digital Inverter technology that operates with strong magnets and less noise.
  • The Chemical Free Drum Sanitization cleanses the drum without any harm chemicals.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 2 years on product and 10 years on motor.

  • Eco-Bubble Technology

  • Smart Check

  • Bubble Soak

  • Ceramic Heaters

  • The weight of washing machine is little heavy.

8. Whirlpool 7 kg Stain Wash Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Whirlpool is a popular brand that is serving us from many decades. If you want a product that cleans the clothes perfectly without any doubt then this model by Whirlpool is the perfect choice. The capacity of this model is 7 kg that suits best for a small family of around 3 to 4 persons. The power of motor installed in it is around 740 RPM which is good and can dry the clothes in less time.

It is loaded with 6th sense technology that enhances the penetration of detergent and can remove 10 kinds of stains. It heats the water through 6 steps and carefully removes the stains without harming the quality and colour of clothes. This product has Hard water wash which can perform 30% better in hard water situations. The Express Wash of this device can easily complete a wash in half time by operating 50% faster. This helps in quickly washing the clothes in less time.

Another important aspect of this model is its ZPF technology that enables the water to enter in to machine 50% faster even in very low pressure that is around 0.017Mpa. It is also loaded with Smart Sensors that include a Voltage sensor that auto detects any fluctuations and discontinue the functioning. Secondly, the Water Level sensor automatically senses the level of water to be used according to the load of clothes. 


  • The Smart Detergent Recommendation enables it to detect the load of clothes and suggest the dosage of detergent.
  • DynaMix technology perfectly mixes the detergent with water to perform better washing.
  • Its 3D Scrub technology easily removes tough stains by entering deep into fabrics.
  • Express Wash perform the wash in half time without compromising on the quality of wash.
  • This model comes up with ZPF technology that enables it to fill the water 50% quicker in low pressure.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 2 years on product and 10 years on motor

  • DynaMix

  • 3D Scrub Technology

  • 6th Sense Technology

  • Smart Lint Filter

  • The model is a bit expensive

  • Water heater is not available

9. Samsung 6.2 kg Automatic Load Washing Machine

Samsung is a renowned Korean brand which manufactures all kinds of technological products. This brand has been serving its customers from many decades as its products are of reasonable rate with some of the most advanced technology. This model by Samsung is ideal for a small family as it has a capacity of 6.2kg. Moreover, the power of motor is 680 RPM that is quite powerful.

It is loaded with enhances cleaning technology that splashes water so powerfully that it falls down directly from the ducts and mixes well with water in the washing machine. As a result, this enhances the quality of mixing of water and detergent. This product has a Diamond Drum with slight curve design that has 25% smaller holes with diamond shaped edges. Therefore, that causes a reduced amount of friction and lenient rinsing.

The Magic Filter of this model grabs all kinds of fluffs, furs, and lint which shed from sweaters, blankets, and other woolen clothes to prevent any blockage of drain. Turbo Drying function of these models enhances the drying quality of clothes. It speeds up the drying process by adding air outlets. Therefore, it results in better drying and light clothes can be ironed directly. It’s Eco Tub technology cleans the tub without any usage of chemicals and alerts you when need cleaning.   


  • This model includes a Red-LED display for better experience in controlling and providing clear information.
  • Auto-Restart option enables the machine to continue the operation after a power cut.
  • The Child Lock feature prevents it from any settings change by child.
  • It includes an extra Durable Tempered Glass which is scratch resistant and increase the durability of the product.
  • Turbo-Drying enables it to dry clothes much faster without wasting time.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 2 years on product and 4 years on motor.

  • Turbo-Drying

  • Round Edged Design

  • Tempered Glass Door

  • Child Lock

  • The consumption of water may be an issue.

10. LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

This is a Semi-Automatic washing machine by LG (Lucky Goldstar) which is listed on this list because of its affordable price and exciting features at such a good cost. This model by LG is preferred by many Indians because of its affordable price. This product has a motor with a rate of 1300 RPM that is very good for drying and it has the capacity for a family of 2 to 3 members. In India, this model is purchased by many citizens as it is suitable for a small family and available at a reasonable price.

The machine comes up with three modes of washing; Strong, Medium and Normal which you can choose as per your requirements. It comes with a Collar Scrubber that can easily clean the sturdy dirt from the collars so that you don’t have to use a brush to clean with your hands. Therefore, collar scrubber helps you to save a lot of time and effort in cleaning collar like areas.

It contains a Roller Jet Pulsator that enhances the flow of water by increasing the speed of rotations. Therefore, it results in high rotations and better friction which enhances the quality of cleaning. The Air dry feature enhances the drying of clothes and dries the clothes around 40% after the spin. The product contains a 3mm thick rat repellent chemical that resists the rats from washing machine as they can bite the wire and cause trouble.

The Lint Collector of this product plays a pivotal role in collecting all the furs and lint released by clothes during the wash. Therefore, it helps to remove all the lint from collecting into the drain pipe. The washing machine comes up with a spin shower that removes the remaining soap from the clothes.


  • The Rat Repellent feature resists the rats from entering into the machine.
  • Collar Scrubber of this model removes the stubborn dirt from the collars or other parts.
  • It has Roller Jet Pulsator that performs a better washing experience by increasing the flow of water
  • Spin Shower drains out all the leftover soap from the clothes which makes cleaning better.
  • This model contains Lint Collector that prevents drain pipe from any blockage from the lint.

Warranty – The Company offers a warranty of 2 years on product.

  • Roller Jet Pulsator

  • Rat Repellent

  • Air Dry

  • Collar Scrubber

  • Lint Collector

  • The product makes noise while operating

  • Drain Pipe is short

11. Whirlpool 7 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool is a company that has been manufacturing semi-automatic washing machines in India for many decades. It is an American brand that is famous all over the world for its electrical appliances, especially in the home essentials category. This washing machine is suitable for a small size family with 2 to 3 members and its power is around 1450 RPM which is extremely high. As a result, it can dry out clothes much faster.

The Turbo Scrub technology enhances in removing strong marks and stains from clothes with an in-built scrubber that doesn’t leave any kind of stains left on the collars and other areas of clothes. It is equipped with Smart Scrub Station that allows you to scrub while standing so that you don’t have to bend and face issues. Moreover, its flow back design doesn’t let the water or detergent to spill out of the machine while operating.

It has a Vast Tub with a capacity of 66 liters that allows the clothes to rotate freely and enhances the quality cleaning. Lint Collector of this product doesn’t allow the drainpipe to block due to lint residue. In other words, it can easily collect all the lint during washing and makes the clothes lint-free. Its In-Build Memory recognizes where it stopped and continues the operation in case of power cuts. Moreover, this is an energy-efficient model.


  • The Lint Collector enables in making the clothes Lint Free by collecting all lint during wash time.
  • It has an In-Built Scrubber that removes all kind of dirt from the collars and other parts of clothes.
  • Super Soak technology enhances the cleaning of clothes by continuously soaking clothes.
  • The Multi-Utility Tray helps to sort out the excess water and move the dry clothes.
  • The waterproof panel is designed to protect water from seeping inside.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 2 years on product and 5 years on motor.

  • Turbo Scrub

  • Memory Function

  • Super Soak technology

  • Lint Collector

  • Multi-Utility Tray

  • The design of this machine can be a bit better

  • Durability is not so good

Best Washing Machine Brands in India

There are various washing machines brands in India available in the Indian market. You can easily go with the brand’s model if you have good knowledge about the brand and its model. So, before checking the buyer’s guide you must go with the best brands in the Indian market.

Lucky Goldstar (LG) – Although people are not familiar with its full-form name they are aware of its shortening LG. This is a brand has covered up around half of the shares of electrical appliances in India. LG produces appliances for instance; refrigerators, air conditioners, chimney, etc. LG has gained a lot of customers in India because of its after-sale service and well handling of customers. Above all, LG is treated as the best washing machine brand in India.

Bosch – It is a German-based company that is specialized in making automobile parts like brakes and clutch plates. The products from Bosch are loaded with outstanding features and advanced technology which increases the quality of its products. Moreover, the products manufactured by this company are much more durable.

IFB – This is a home appliances manufacturing company that was set up in Goa 1974. This company is serving us for four decades and is giving tough competition to LG and Whirlpool. This company manufactures products like microwaves, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. To clarify, in the field of washing machines, this company provides high-quality products loaded with advanced features.

Samsung – When there is talk of electrical appliances then how we can miss Samsung. It is a multi-national brand which is famous for its mobile phones and electrical appliances. This is a South Korean brand that has its own identity in the international market. Moreover, it produces many electrical appliances such as – Refrigerators, Microwaves, air conditioners, etc.

Whirlpool – This is a company from the USA which deals in providing home essential appliances. This company is famous for producing refrigerators, washing machines, and other appliances. It has been serving India for several decades. Moreover, its washing machines have a catchy look and excellent performance.

Types of Washing Machines in India

In India, there are some categories of washing machines that are easily available in the Indian market. You must be certain about the type of washing machine you are going to purchase. By knowing about different types of washing machines you will be one step closer to make the best choice for yourself. So, let’s have knowledge about these categories.

Types on the basis of Loading Style:-

Front Load Washing Machines

As the name suggests, the laundry is loaded from the front of this washing machine. These types of washing machines are durable and come up with several wash programs that provide convenience. Moreover, these are loaded with advanced technologies as they provide less noise operation with the most effective washing than other types of washing machines.

The loading and unloading are done by the front side only so you have to bend every time for loading and unloading. This might seem negative for people having back pain issues. These washing machines are efficient in nature as they save both, water and electricity. In the matter of weight, these are heavier than other models and you can’t move them easily. To clarify, they are loaded with a single drum for washing and drying of clothes.

Top Load Washing Machines

Now you have understood by the name only that it is loaded by the top so that you don’t have to bend over to load and unload clothes from the machine. These washing also include good features and are inexpensive as compared to the front load washing machines. Top Load washing machines consume less energy and water that saves your money.

These machines also have only one tub which can do both tasks of drying and washing too. These washing machines are connected to a water supply and use the water when required. You can put the left clothes in the middle of washing by pausing and then continuing the operation. These machines have a fair height so you need not have to purchase the bases for a convenient height. Above all, these are energy-efficient washing machines in India.

Types on the basis of Operation and Compartments:

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

These washing machines are considered as the most reasonable type of machines in India. These washing machines have two compartments; the one is for washing and the other is for drying clothes. In this washing machine, you have to do most of the tasks manually like; loading the tub with clothes along with a suitable amount of detergent and water. After wash, transferring of clothes to the dryer and set the timer.

These washing machines allow you to add and remove the clothes between the operations. Moreover, it consumes less energy and water because you can set the timer and limit water to be used in washing. This machine is used by most of the Indian households because it is affordable and energy-efficient. In conclusion, majority of people use these washing machines in India.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

Unlike Semi-Automatic washing machines, these don’t have two compartments. This machine has only one compartment which is versatile in performing multiple tasks like; washing, drying, and rinsing clothes. These washing machines require you to only adjust the time by adding sufficient water and detergent to perform good cleaning. After this, the rest of the task is done by the machine itself.

These washing machines consume more electricity compared to semi-automatic machines. This machine lets you do your other house chores once you set the timer and add water. These washing machines help you in saving your time as you don’t have to be engaged in transferring clothes from washer to dryer. In conclusion, these are considered as best washing machines in India.

Buying Guide for Best Washing Machine in India

Now you have gone through various brands and types of washing machines in India. Obviously, you have to choose the best washing machines of India for yourself. So, here is the buying guide for you that includes various technologies and things to be considered before making payment.

Washing Machine Technology

Direct Drive Technology

This technology doesn’t include any use of pulley, gears, and belts as used in conventional motors. Instead of this, the motor is directly attached to the motor itself, which makes less friction and less noise. This technology also helps in saving electricity and performs a less noise operation which is found in best washing machines in India.

Direct Drive technology also increases the lifespan of the motor if the load is heavy oftentimes. As compared to the conventional motors, this motor is slightly heavy. However, there are some manufacturers that are producing a combination of both, Inverter and Direct Drive technology.

Inverter Technology

This advanced technology enables the motor to run according to a load of clothes. Therefore, it helps in saving power because it consumes the required amount of energy as required. On the flip side, the normal motor runs on a high speed whatever the weight is. This doesn’t include any pulley and belt designed in it.

Talking about Inverter technology, it runs on various speeds according to a load of laundry. Inverter motor is able to set the speed of the motor as required. Moreover, this makes less noise, less vibration, and increases the durability of the product. It has a special electronic circuit that recognizes the speed of the motor based on the load. Therefore, this feature is available in best washing machines in India.

6 Motion Direct Drive Technology

We wash different varieties of clothes in our washing machines such as Silk, Cotton, Wool, Polyester, Linen, etc. So, different kinds of fabrics require different wash styles. The wash styles are based on the motion technology of washing machines. Nowadays, brands are manufacturing products with advanced technology to enhance the cleaning procedure.

LG is furnished with 6 motion styles that are Tumble, Scrub, Roll, Filtration, Swing, and Stepping. These all the motion styles are featured in LG brand washing machines in India.

IFB is also using some wash styles such as; Air Bubble Wash, 360 Degree Wash, Steam Wash, O2 Wash, and Cradle Wash. These are wash styles that are featured in IFB brands washing machines in India.

These all the washing styles choose the motion technology according to the fabric in machine and enhance the quality of wash. Therefore, it delivers clothes with great shine and appears them as new.  

Flex Wash & Twin Wash

There are a lot of categories of washing machines and some of you might be confused in choosing the Top Load and Front Load machines. As these machines have their own advantages.

So, what happens when a washing machine have both Top Load and Front Load option?

This would be perfect for sure.

There is a model by Samsung Company which includes Flex Wash option which has a combination of Top Load and Front Load in a single machine. The front loader is large in size having a capacity of 21 kg and top loader with small capacity of 3.5 kg. You can wash the heavy laundry items, like curtains, bed sheet and blankets.

Twin Wash technique of LG has the same combination of Top Load and Front Load which use two separate drums. The main drum has a capacity of 20 kg which is perfect for heavy clothes such as curtains, blankets and bed sheets. The mini drum of this washing machine contains the capacity of 3 to 4 kg which is suitable for small fabrics. This helps you to get the benefit of both technologies in a single model. Above all, it is best affordable washing machines in India.

Soaking Technology

Soaking plays a vital role in washing the clothes in a right manner. The popular brands in comes up with special technology tom enhance the washing process. You can start the soaking process by touching a button.

Whirlpool brands have their own technology named as Super Soak which ensures in removal of any kind of strong stains by continual soaking and scrubbing motion. It is used in best washing machines in India.

Samsung machines come up with Bubble Soak Technology that soaks the clothes in bubbles with a press of a button. Therefore, ensures in removing all the tough stains and dirt from clothes without damaging fabric.

Eco Drum Cleaning Technology

This technology is featured in Samsung products which ensures in cleaning drum by sanitizing it without using harm chemicals. This technology removes any layering of hard water minerals on the drum. Moreover, it notifies you if it needs any cleaning.

This also includes the use of hot water and jet streams that eliminates all bacteria and microorganisms which is good for baby clothes. This feature also increases the outcome of the detergent delivering better cleaning. 

Innovative Drum Technology

A drum is an essential part of a washing machine. The design of a drum plays a vital role in washing clothes.

Different brands use different types of technology such as; Samsung uses the Diamond Drum technology in its top models. These drum have holes which are 25% smaller than the normal holes. These holes are inside of a Diamond Shaped Depression that protects the clothes from being damaged and spiking out of drum.

Bosch uses the Vario Drum technology in which the paddle moves in diverse directions as the drum changes its spinning direction. Therefore, this technology helps in cleaning clothes in a better way. This technology is used in best washing machines in India.

Smart Technology

Today’s world is focusing more on advanced technology such as Smart TV, Smart Phones. With this technology, the whole world is becoming smart. Now, the washing machines are coming with smart features.

LG is manufacturing its washing machine with (NFC Near Field Communication) that is able to monitor and do diagnosis. This technology helps in monitoring the machine with mobile application. This app will notify you when there is any error in the machine.

Wash Programs

This is all about the washing programs equipped in each washing machine. As now you know about the washing technologies, now it’s time to get a brief knowledge of the washing programs.

Daily Wash – This washing programs in suitable when you want to wash your daily used clothes like pants, shirts, tie, undergarments and towels etc. This program is so fast and uses less amount of water in washing clothes.

Quick Wash – As the names suggests, this program washes the clothes very quickly. Almost all of the fully automatic washing machines come up with program. This program can wash and dry the clothes within 15 to 30 minutes. However, this program has a limited number of washing capacity of 2 -3 kg in one round.

Cotton – This is a wash program especially for cotton clothes such as towels, shirts, undergarments, and other cotton fabric. The washing process of this program almost matches the washing program of Quick Wash.

Baby Care – This program includes the washing process by hot water as it can remove any type of bacteria. Moreover, the clothes are rinsed 2 to 3 times which helps in removing the detergent residue and makes it perfect for the sensitive skin of babies.

Pre-Soak – The pre-soak program is available in almost every washing machine. This is especially for heavy clothes like blankets, woolen sweaters, etc. This program first soaks the clothes and then whisks the clothes. After this process, it starts the regular wash cycle.

Size of Washing Machine

In the case of buying a new washing machine, storage space really matters. You must consider the space it will require for storage. There must be enough space while loading and unloading clothes. Moreover, there must be a water supply and electrical switch to provide water and electricity to the machine.

If you are not having enough space then you can measure the sufficient space needed. When going to the store you can match the space by a measuring tape. Mostly, the front load types of washing machines are compact in design. Therefore, these models require less space and can be fitted in small spaces but these are heavy as compared to others.

Capacity of Washing Machine

The capacity of the washing machine is all about how much quantity of clothes it can wash in one round. The capacity of the washing machine is measured in kilograms. The machine comes with a variety of 5 kg to 13 kg. Above all, most people prefer washing machines with a capacity of 6 to 9 kg.

A washing machine with a higher capacity can wash enough clothes but consume a lot of water and electricity. But, washing with a lower capacity can save your water and money with washing a lower number of clothes. Here, is the table to have good detail about the capacity of the washing machine.

6 kg to 6.5 kgStudents and couples
7 Kilograms2 to 4 family members
8 Kilograms4 to 5 family members
9 or more Kilograms+5 family members

Special Features of Washing Machines

Child Lock

This is one of the common features that are available in fully-automatic washing machines. This feature enables you to lock the control panels of the washing machine. So, those settings cannot be changed by a child to prevent any miss happenings.

You can simply set the settings once and press the child lock so that you don’t have to worry about the child.

LED Display

The LED display presents clear and precise information about the process going on. Moreover, some of the washing machines also have touch screen displays. This helps in making the product catchy and attractive.

Spin Speed

This is the speed of the motor by which it spins. RPM Rotations Per Minute is the number of rounds made by the spinner in one minute. The more RPM will result in after performance and better drying. You must check the RPM of the washing machine before buying it. If you have to put clothes directly after washing into the dryer then a product with a high RPM rate will be suitable for you.

Bubble Wash

This is another feature which is very useful in performing perfect wash at low temperature. It generates lots of bubbles which boost the detergent in dissolving with water that enhances in removing the dirt easily. These bubbles go deep down the fabrics and wash out the stains and dirt.

Time Delay

Time Delay feature allows you to set the timer between 30 minutes to 24 hours. Suppose you have loaded the machine but want to wash the clothes after 12 hours then you can schedule the timer for 12 hours. As a result, it will be beneficial for you in certain situations.

In-Built Heater

This feature helps you to adjust the temperature of the water. This is suitable for you especially in the winter season for washing heavy loads of clothes such as; blankets, woolen clothes, etc. Therefore, hot water helps in removing old and tough stains. Samsung models have a ceramic heater that prevents the calcium layer build up on heater.

Warranty & After-Sale Service

As you all know that every electrical item contains a warranty for a certain period of time. When buying a washing machine you must see the years of warranty.


The longer the warranty the less is tension. In the period of warranty, the company takes responsibility for any dysfunction in its product.

Final Words

In today’s hectic schedule life, washing machines have become an essential part of our life. These appliances help in saving our time and finishing our tasks more perfectly.

Now, you are familiar with some of the advanced features of the best washing machines in India 2020.  

In the above article, we have elaborated on all the essential things about the technology of washing machines. So, it will be more useful for you in selecting the best washing machines available in India for you according to your needs.

If still, you have some doubts and queries then you can mention in the comments section below. You can check other articles here.

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