Best Solar Panels in India

Electricity plays a pivotal role in our daily life by providing our convenience and brightness after the sunset. As we have major sources for producing electricity or power such as; Dam, generators, and many more. But the above-mentioned appliances have some limits to which they can’t exceed. So, the idea of setting up best solar panels available in India as a part of your home appliances would be a smart idea.

But the situation in our country is a little feeble in the matter of electricity because India faces a lot of electricity cut-offs even in the major cities. Many people use inverters and generators to ensure a constant supply of power. Hence, generators make noise that may cause disturbances and it consumes a lot of fuel.

If you are looking for the best solar panels in India, then you are in the accurate place. We understand that you might be in some confusing state, to choose the best solar panels in India. Don’t worry, in this article, you will get all the essential knowledge which must be concerned before making a buying decision. As we all know, India is facing inflation for the last few years. As a result, all the prices are skyrocketed therefore; we have to pay more and more bills in order to enjoy the service including electricity bills.

By making the decision to buy solar panels, you can easily decrease the number of your electricity bills and also have a backup in case of an emergency. Moreover, by this decision, you have contributed to making the environment pollution free. India is a country where most of the seasons provide good sunshine and sunshine is free of cost.

Above all, buying a solar panel is a good decision as it can provide you a backup option and reduce the amount on the bills. Installing solar panels is a one-time investment. We, suggest you check out our buying guide for the best solar panels in India.

The Solar Panels provide good power for some of the commercial uses. Solar Panels leads to a constant supply of power in cut-offs without any kind of further expenses like gas or fuel and don’t need much maintenance.

Moreover, our government has offered subsidies for solar panels which encourage people to use solar panels. You can also store energy observed by solar panels into the battery to retain the power. So, let’s start our journey for the best solar panels in India.

Best Solar Panels in India

1. Loom Solar 375 Watt – 24 Volt Mono-crystalline Panel

Loom Solar is a well-known brand in India in the production of solar panels. This brand product is much durable as well as efficient as compared to others. The solar panel of this model is made of anti-PID mono perk cells that serve higher efficiency, which is around 20%.

Loom solar panels 375 watts

Moreover, this product is loaded with the latest innovative technology that can work even in the dark shade. In other words, it can work in overcast weather with low sunlight. The model contains the maximum power up to 350 watts.

These models are covered by 3.2mm high-quality tough glass that protects it from any kind of damage, therefore, makes it waterproof. Moreover, the aluminum frames of this product protect it from any kind of rust formation and enhance the durability of the product.

As a result, in the matter of durability, these products can withstand heavy rainfall, snowfall, storms and hailstones as well.

It contains high-quality cells which are made up of A-grade anti-PID cells. The panel contains a total of 72 cells and 5 bus bars. This panel can operate on both types of grids; on-grid as well as off-grid inverters. It comes with a pair of 1m wire and an MC4 connector included in its junction box.

Moreover, its junction box is certified by IP67 which thereby provides higher efficiency. Above all, these are best for charging batteries of 24 volts and several panels can be placed to charge 24/48 volt batteries.


  • It comes with a high quality toughened glass that is 3.2mm.
  • The mono-crystalline technology enables it to operate even in low light.
  • This contains an MC4 connector which makes it quite efficient.
  • It is compatible to work with on-grid and off-grid inverters.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty for 25 years.

  • Mono-crystalline technology

  • MC4 connector

  • A Grade Anti Pid cells

  • Five Busbars

  • None

2. Luminous 325 Watts Solar Panels Poly Crystalline – 24V

Luminous, the name seems to be familiar? Of course, this company is one of the most trustworthy brands in the field of power, fans, inverters, solar panels, and batteries. This company comes with a huge range of products having affordable prices.

This model manufactured by Luminous Company is a good product including a lot of features and new technologies. It can contain maximum power of 325 watts. It has PID (Potential-Induced degradation) technology that keeps the panels safe, in case of sudden power loss due to specific weather.

The panels in this model are made up of polycrystalline cells; therefore it produces a maximum power of 325 watts. This panel covers a much larger area as compared to the mono-crystalline technology. This model demands an area of only 20 square feet, for performing efficiently which can be available on any rooftop.

The panels of this model have an operating voltage of 24 volts. Moreover, these panels are considered to be one of the most durable solar panels in the Indian market.

These solar panels can also be linked to the inverters to store the electricity for further usage. This model can handle some of the electric appliances at your home such as; 2 lights, one fan, and television till the electricity supply.

Moreover, 2 batteries can be added to these panels with a voltage of 12 volts for long term usage. It comes with EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) protection which prevents modules from any kind of natural calamity. The aluminum frames of these panels make it lightweight and rustproof.


  • These panels get charged within four hours under direct sunlight.
  • It contains an anti-reflective coating that absorbs more sunlight as compared to others.
  • Polycrystalline technology enhances in maintaining the durability of these panels
  • It contains EVA that provides better safety in harsh weather conditions

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 25 years.

  • EVA for better Protection

  • Poly-Crystalline

  • Potential-Induced Degradation

  • None

3. Luminous Mono Crystalline Solar Panel 335 Watt – 24 Volt

Once again, this brand has maintained this place in this position as this brand is known especially, for its electric products. This model is designed, mainly for offices and homes. It can afford a maximum power of 335 watts and can operate with an efficiency of 19%.

This product by luminous can generate a current of 8 ampere which is enough for running some home appliances like, one fan and 2 bulbs.

This model can provide some ease with the electricity bills as 325 watts is enough to hold on till the electricity supply on. The dimension of a single panel of this model is (6.4 feet x 3.2 feet) therefore; it doesn’t require so much area to dwindle the electric bill. The cells of its panels are made up of A grade, anti-PID cells, which is used in this mono-crystalline technology.  

The sturdy aluminum frame of this panel makes it durable that it can withstand any kind of bad weather conditions. This model has an output capacity of 3335 watts with an operating voltage of 24 volts. Moreover, it can produce a current of 8 amperes.

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It comes with EVA capsulation that prevents the entire solar panels from any kind of climatic conditions. Thus, it also helps in producing more cell efficiency that increases production by solar panels.


  • It can provide an efficiency of 19% due to its latest technology.
  • The Mono Perk cells of this product can absorb sunlight in dim weather conditions.
  • It includes cells, made up of A grade, anti-PID which suits best for these solar panels.
  • This model contains, 24 volts of power which are basically best for homes and offices

Warranty – It comes with 1 year of manufacturer warranty and 25 years of performance warranty.

  • Mono-Crystalline

  • Anti-PID

  • A grade cells

  • None

4. Waaree WS-250 solar panel

Waaree is one of the fastest expanding brands in the market of Solar Panels. This model is a branch of the Aditya series of solar panels. Hence, this model is new but it has made its own identity in the field of solar panels due to its durability and rational prices.

The product contains power between 240 watts to 260 watts. The WS-250 is a type of 60 cells which, therefore, is designed with poly-crystalline silicon solar panels. Moreover, the polycrystalline solar panel enhances the production of 250 Watt power.

The power tolerance capacity of this model is positive by a plus 5% rate. It can afford up to the efficiency rate of 15.4 % including a power rating of 250 watts which is sufficient for a home.

The aluminum frame of this product makes it stronger, rustproof, and durable. As a result, it can function for a longer period of time saving more of the electricity charges.

It comes with such a durable coating that can sustain the temperature of -0.38 per degree Celsius. It can easily endure heavy snowfalls, sand storms, heavy rainfall, and some of the other harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, it is capable to bear the pressure of 2400pa wind loads and 7500pa snow loads. This is one of the best solar panels in India at such an economical price.


  • It can easily handle the negative temperature up to -0.38 degrees Celsius.
  • Its poly-crystalline silicon solar panels are capable of producing 250 watts of power.
  • It comes up with WS-250 which enriches its power tolerance capacity by plus 5%.
  • The durable design makes the product dust resistant, hail resistant, and sand storm-resistant.

Warranty – The company offers a warranty of 5 years on the product and 80% performance warranty for 20 years.

  • Ws-250

  • Poly-crystalline silicon panels

  • None

5. Loom Solar 180 Watt – 12V Mono Panel

Loom Solar panels provide us a variety of solar panels ranging from 10 watts to 350 watts. It is one of the most robust solar panels in India due to the covering of toughened glass which is 3.2mm thick. This tough layering prevents the mono-crystalline solar cells from any kind of rough weather conditions, for instance, hail storm, heavy rainfall, and snowfall.

The batteries of this model are manufactured of good class silicone that provides an ability of 20% as well as it supports in functioning under dim light conditions.

loom best solar panels

It contains junction boxes which are certified by IP68 certification that ensures the durability of these panels. These types of panels fit best for business places because the 12-volt panels are best for charging a battery of 12 volts.

The charging capacity can be increased just by adding furthermore panels in sequence. The product contains A grade black silicon cells which are considered best for producing maximum electricity from the sun.  

It is one of the most advanced panels of mono-crystalline technology, along with IP68 certified junction with MC4 connectors, 5 busbars 36 cells, and a 1meter wire that is for the external purpose. Moreover, this also ensures that there is no leakage of electricity in any situation.

The performing rate of these panels is around 23.26 volts with an operating current of 9.03 amperes. The anti-rust aluminum frame makes these solar panels toughest in this category, therefore, prevents them from rusting at any cost.


  • It can cooperate with both, on-grid and off-grid inverters.
  • This model comes with black silicon cells which observe much more energy than another type of cells.
  • Its aluminum frame makes it long-lasting for decades without any issue of rust.
  • This produces a current of 9 amperes which is measured best in this category.
  • The product is equipped with MC4 connectors’ junction as well as a cable of 1 meter for outside usage. 

Warranty – The product comes up with a warranty for 25 years on the product.

  • Anti-Rust Aluminium Frame

  • MC4 connectors

  • A grade Black silicon cells

  • IP68 certified

  • None

6. Microtek Solar Panel 150 Watt – 12 Volt

Microtek is a well-known brand in manufacturing the electrical usage product such as inverter batteries, solar panels, and UPS for desktops. This company has listed its place in the best solar panels company in India. Microtek is always known for its top quality products at such reasonable rates. This model of Microtek can produce an output of 150 watts and has an operating voltage of 12 volts.

This multi-crystalline solar panel gives a very good response in very low light conditions. The panels of this model are designed with heavy duty anodized aluminium frames which, therefore, makes it rust-proof and enhance the lifespan of the panels.

microtek solar panels of 150 watts

These panels are flexible as they are designed for both on-grid and off-grid applications. The frames of this product are already drilled for fast installation. It has a tough covering of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) that protects it’s all 36 cells.

The efficiency of these models is 14.91% which is good enough for a home. It can stand to run a few appliances of your home for some duration. It generates a maximum voltage of 17.72 volts with a current of 8.47 amperes. The cells in this panel are able to absorb much more energy from the sun and get filled within a couple of hours.

Moreover, the solar panels are weatherproof, as it can withstand any type of harsh weather conditions such as hailstorm, dust storm, snowfall, and heavy rainfall. Above all, it is certified by IP65 in case of weather conditions.


  • The aluminum frames of these panels are rust-proof and heat resistant.
  • It contains a high-efficiency solar cell that performs well at even low lights.
  • This model is equipped with EVA that prevents it’s all the 36 cells.
  • The product comes up with a junction box of aluminum that is rust-free and can withstand any conditions.
  • It is equipped with both the on-grid and off-grid connectors.

Warranty – It comes with a manufacturer warranty for one year and performance warranty for 25 years.

  • Multi-crystalline silicon

  • EVA

  • Anodized Aluminium Frames

  • MC4 Compatible Connectors

  • None

7. Luminous 160 Watts Solar Panel Poly-crystalline 12V

Here comes again the product of Luminous, as this brand has launched some of the most efficient products in the market of solar panels. Among these, this model is one of them named Luminous 160 watts poly-crystalline.

Just after the Loom Solar Company, this brand stands in the manufacturer of polycrystalline solar panels. As the name suggests, it can produce a maximum power of 160 watts with an operating voltage of 12 volts.

results for luminous solar panels

These panels are specially chosen for the area where less space is available. The area required by these panels is just 10 square feet, which can be easily available on the rooftop or terrace.

In terms of efficiency, this model offers an efficiency rate of 16% which is sufficient for a house. It can provide a good backing for the power, in the case of any power cut time. The dimension of this panel is (4.8 feet x 2.1 feet).

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These panels prove to be highly reliable in their performance because it can load a lead-acid tubular battery within 8 hours. It can produce a current of 8.7 amperes when the sun is at its summit.

The panels are made up of A-grade anti-PID polycrystalline cells which provide better performance even in low lights. This model conforms to IEC standards. Above all, the poly-crystalline panels are in huge demand in India due to its reliability and durability.


  • It can generate a current of 8.7 amperes on a bright sunny day.
  • This product has a compact design and dimensions which doesn’t demand much space.
  • It is featured with A grade Anti-PID polycrystalline cells that perform well even in dim conditions.
  • The efficiency rating of this model is 16% which suits well for homes.

Warranty – The Company offers a performance warranty for 25 years.

  • A grade anti-PID Poly-Crystalline cells

  • Operating efficiency of 16%

  • Cons – None

8. Sukam Solar Panel 100 Watt – 12V

Sukam is one of the most trustworthy brands of India and it has been serving us for decades. This brand has made its place in the top listed companies of electric appliances and batteries. This company is a leading manufacturer of solar panels and often has received many awards in several years.

Sukam products offer a high rate of durability, even in intense weather situations. The output of this model is 100 watt with a maximum voltage of 20.4 volts. It has the ability to produce a current of 6.13 ampere at its maximum.

This solar panel from Sukam is made up of polycrystalline silicon solar panel, which performs with an efficiency of around 14.9% to 15%. These poly-crystalline panels are made up of A-Grade Anti-PID poly-crystalline cells that enhance the efficiency of these solar panels.

These panels require an area of around 12 square feet which can be easily placed on the terrace of the house. These panels come with a protective glass covering that prevents it from any harsh weather conditions and makes it durable.

The model comes up with a power tolerance between -3% to +3% along with an operating voltage of 12 volts. Covering its strength, it comes up with a hollow chamber frame that confirms high firmness and makes it capable to withstand the snow loads of around 890 kg, further with the wind speed of nearly 190 kmph. It is available in two color variations; White and Blue. These panels can save your bills to a great extent. It complies with the IEC standards.


  • The poly-crystalline cells enhance the efficiency of these solar panels.
  • It comes up with A Grade Anti-PID poly-crystalline cells.
  • The hollow chamber frame makes it durable enough for the bad weather conditions.
  • These all the silicon cells are recyclable and make it recyclable solar panels.

Warranty – It comes up with a warranty of 5 years on the product and 25 years of performance warranty.

  • A Grade Anti-PID Poly-Crystalline Cells

  • Hollow Chamber Frame

  • IEC approved

  • These panels doesn’t perform well in the low light weather conditions.

9. Loom Solar 125W -12 Volt Mono-crystalline Panel

Loom Solar panels are considered as best because of the toughened and premium quality materials used in the manufacturing. This 125-watt mono-crystalline solar panel is efficient as it’s another model. Moreover, this innovative cell technology used in these panels provides high efficiency.

The range of the efficiency levels of these panels is around 20%. These Mono-Crystalline panels require less space for installation.

results for loom solar panels

These solar panels include high-quality technology in manufacturing. These solar panels are designed with mono-crystalline A+ grade Anti-PID Mono Cells, which helps in providing the highest efficiency. The product comes with pre-installed diodes inside of the junction box.

Moreover, the MC4 connector is available inside of the junction box with a pair of one-meter wire. The junction box is certified with IP67.

It contains perk cells in 12 Volt design for the manufacture of the products. In addition, it also includes 4 busbars and 36 cells. This model also includes a robust frame of aluminum which prevents the solar panels from any kind of harsh weather conditions and makes it dust-free.

Moreover, it has a tough unbreakable glass for external use. These panels have maintained their position in the top durable solar panels available in India.


  • The corrosion-resistant aluminum frame prevents it from any rust and increases its durability.
  • It comes up with mono-crystalline technology that provides high efficiency.
  • This panel occupies less space and can easily be installed on the rooftop.
  • This model includes A-grade Anti-PID mono cells which increase efficiency by 20%.

Warranty – It comes up with 25 years performance warranty and 10 years of manufacturer warranty.

  • Mono-crystalline technology

  • A grade Anti-PID mono cells

  • IP67 rated product

  • Production rate decreases in cloudy days.

Buying Guide for Best Solar Panels in India

Now you have a quick look at all the best solar panels for India. We have also shared deep knowledge and key features about each solar panel of our list. But still, you are not able to choose the best option that fits best for you. Then here is the quick guide that will enhance your knowledge a bit further and then you can go with the product confidently.

As we all know that solar panels are the best alternative to reduce the electricity bills, therefore, it is a one-time investment that doesn’t require paying monthly or yearly. Most of the companies launch their advertising to generate more sales but you should not fall with the ads. Instead of going with the advertisements, you must consider some of the essential things before buying the product.

Firstly, you must know what are the key components that come along with solar panels, what are the types of solar panels, and which brands are best for solar panels in India.

Types of Solar Panels

There are various types of solar panels available in the Indian market, which includes different efficiencies and different power ratings. You must have knowledge of different types of solar panels that can be used in homes and offices. There are 3 types of solar cells or panels.

  • Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels
  • Poly-Crystalline Panels
  • Thin-Film Solar Panels

Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels

These solar cells are made up of single-crystal polysilicon. These are made up of a single piece of a silicon ingot. The Silicon Ingots are the pure quality of silicon melted and then crystallized into the shape of a cylinder. In other words, silicon is formed into bars and then sliced into sections.

This type of panel has the highest efficiency, because of the premium quality of silicon used in this technology. Moreover, this type of technology provides 15% to 20% of efficiency.

These types of solar panels have the longest life in comparison to the other types of panels. At the same time, these panels are the most expensive ones. Most of the manufacturers offer a warranty of 25 years on Mono-Crystalline Silicon Panels.

The higher efficiency means that it can generate more power by acquiring less space. All these features come with a price, as the efficient model is the costliest model.

Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels

The Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels are made up of silicon wafers put together. All the silicon cells are melted and poured into square molds. After that, wafers are then cut off from the square silicon molds and then they are put together.

These types of panels use silicon of lower grade and the class of purity of silicon is lower in them. This technology makes it of bluish color with a shade of white in them.

These types of solar panels are mostly used in homes that have sufficient area. These panels have efficiency ranging from 13% to16% which is good enough for backup for home. They are much cheaper than mono-crystalline panels. So, you have to choose according to the conditions between mono and polycrystalline panels.

Thin Film Solar Cells

These are solar cells that are made up of CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) which are least efficient in all the categories. Thin-Film Solar Cells are second-generation panels, which are made up of either one layer or several layers of photovoltaic material. This is a material used to produce electricity when exposed to direct sunlight.

These types of panels have an efficiency of 7% to 13% which is quite less than the other type of panels. They are sturdier to high temperatures, and the upshot of shading is very low on its performance. These don’t have much production capability hence have a shorter life in contrast with poly and mono-crystalline panels.

Types of Solar PV Systems

Now, let’s have a look on the types of PV systems. There are 3 types of Solar PV Systems available in India.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

This type of solar system doesn’t need any connection with the primary grid. This solar system consists of solar panels, mounting structures, inverters, AC panels, and power backup. An off-grid system works autonomously of the grid by storing energy in the battery banks that can be used to provide current to the home using the local inverter. These systems are best for the area with power cuts for less time.

On-Grid Solar Systems

This power grid works together with the power grid. This system doesn’t require saving electricity in the battery banks. These types of panels are mostly used when the power consumption is too high and you want to decrease your electricity bills. The panels get charged up during the day which, therefore, decreases the electric bills and eases the expenditure.

Hybrid Solar Systems

This is a hybrid solar system as it goes by this name, Hybrid’ it means a mixture. These types of panels are a mixture of Off-Grid and On-Grid solar systems. The main thing about this panel is that it can be connected to the grid as well. It also enables you to save much more energy as well as money. This system is compatible with battery banks and inverters. It safeguards an uninterrupted power supply specially, in the case of power cut at nights. At night, the energy stored in the battery handles the situations in night. It is mandatory to have a net metering system to provide power to the network.

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Best Solar Panel Company in India

Which is the best solar panel company in India?

We are sure that this question has surely clicked in your mind. This is a human tendency that he/she wants the best company product, but here the thing is that there are a number of companies which stand best in their own way. Some of the top solar panels brands in India are; Luminous, Loom Solar, Microtek, Sukam, etc.

As all the aforesaid brands claim that their product is the best. So, here are the measures based on which you can choose the best solar brands in India.


A normal company is turned into a brand by its customers. If the brand fulfills all the needs of its customers then eventually it converts a normal company into a trustworthy brand. So, if the solar panel company provides all kinds of services, after-sale service and responds very soon without delaying then it is considered to be a good brand. 

A good brand will always provide you the installation services of solar panels. If the company doesn’t offer the installation service with the buying then it is not a good brand and you should not go for it.

Best Solar Panels Warranty

In every electrical appliance a warranty is offered by its manufacturers. In this case, solar panels are one time investment and this need to be done more carefully. Every customer wants to invest money in a good company where, warranty plays a vital role. A brand conscious person will go with the leading companies that offer a good and long warranty.

There are two types of warranties offered on solar panels; Performance warranty and Manufacturer warranty.

Manufacturer warranty – This type of warranty is offered for the manufacturer defects such as minor connection problems, durability, malfunction etc. In most cases, the manufacturer warranty lasts for 5 to 15 years. This is one of the important aspects which should be considered seriously because solar panels are for long term and have to face many weather conditions. So, they must be designed keeping durability in mind.

Performance Warranty – This warranty goes with its name, as it is offered for the performance of the solar panels. In other words, the performance warranty is the power production capacity of the solar panels. There is a term named panel degradation which means that power produced by a solar panel keeps on diminishing each year.

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Some brands, provides a warranty of 25 years on the power-production capacity of the solar panels. Usually the drop in power-production is around 0.7% which is very less. Above all, the performance of solar panels will not decrease beyond a specific level.


In this article, we have discussed efficiency of all the solar panels but the thing is you must know the real meaning of efficiency. In the case of solar panels efficiency plays a pivotal role. The more the efficiency, the lesser the number panels you need to install on your PV system.

The efficiency of a solar panel is measured by the amount of sunlight that it can convert into electricity per unit area. Loom Solar is the company which offers an efficiency of 19% which is very good. Talking about the global brand; (Sun Power) claims its efficiency to the level of 24.1% which is highest as compared to the other brands.

Best Solar Panels – Durability

As we all know that solar panels are outdoor appliances, therefore these panels have to face the different climatic phases of the nature. This includes, hailstorms, dust storms, heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall, high winds, temperature and too much pressure.

The panels are tested before launching into the market for a specific region according to the weather conditions. For instance, a solar panel designed for India will be dissimilar from the solar panels for Australia and the western nations. You must always choose the solar panels which are certified as best for the use in your country.

Most of the leading brands design their solar panels to sustain in harsh weather conditions. For instance, Luminous provides rust-free, waterproof, and rotation free design. Moreover, it can easily stand against snowfall and high winds. On the other hand, Loom Solar and Microtek can easily sustain heavy winds and snowfalls. Additionally, these panels can survive against excessive pressure, mist, dust blowing, high temperatures, and stone-throwing.

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Temperature Coefficient

The solar panels require sunlight to produce energy, but on the flip side if the temperature is hot and the solar panels are facing direct sunlight then there are chances of degradation of energy production. The more the sunlight, the hotter the panels which cause in the damage of the solar cells therefore, results in low energy production. As a result, temperature coefficient plays a vital role in maintaining the efficiency of the panels.

All the solar panels are rated at 25 degree Celsius, if the temperature rises above 25 degree then there will be a decrease in the production of power. The less the temperature coefficient the better it is.

In case, if the temperature is above 25 degree Celsius – The current will rise with a low production of electricity as well as low voltage.

On the flip side, if the temperature is below 25 degree Celsius – The current will decrease with a high production of electricity as well as high voltage.

You can manually adjust the angle of the panels to avoid the concentration of direct sunlight. On the other hand, you can opt for automatic tilting panels based upon the intensity of sunlight.

Best Solar Panels Power Tolerance

This is a term used for the range of power that a solar panel will produce in normal conditions. For instance, if a solar panel has a power rating of 180 watt with a power tolerance of +-10%, this concludes that panel will produce power between 172 watt and 198 watt. A solar panel with less power tolerance suggest that these panels are more certain about the amount of power produced by the solar cells. There are solar cells that come with 0% power tolerance. As a result, these types of panels are much more efficient in producing power at all conditions.

Certifications and Panel Quality

This is another crucial aspect that must be measured essential while buying a solar panel. While making a purchase you must need to check the ISO certifications and specifications. As we all know, that solar panels are one time investments. So, you should check these experiment certificates and their validity.

This is a simple task to do as you need to check all the certifications and specifications. The solar panel manufacturer receives the ISO 9000 series certifications if the panel fulfils all the conditions. You must always buy the solar panels with that are MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) approved to get consent for the subsidy by the government and only grid connected models can get the subsidy.

Best Solar Panels – Reviews

After all the technical aspects and priorities you must check out the reviews of other customers of a specific product. The reviews are available on the internet; firstly you can choose the brand and then a specific model. As a result, you can be more confident with your decision by going through the testimonials and feedback about the product.

Best Solar Panels – Final Words

Now you have gained knowledge about solar panels in India. There are many things that must be kept in mind while making a purchase. This buying guide includes every single aspect that is essential and has its own importance in the solar panels. So, make sure that you have gone through each point and understood it properly.

You can also confirm with any technical guy with the knowledge on solar panels. So, we hope that you select a model that fits best for you and save your electricity bills. But, if you still have some queries then you can comment below, and we will response as fast as we can. You must also go through with our other articles; Best Refrigerators, Best peelers for your kitchen, best microwaves and many more.

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