Best Mixer Grinders in India

In India, the majority of people are fond of eating. Moreover, there are a total of 29 states all over India and each state serves its own different dishes & food varieties. So, eventually there must be a lot of use of spices and chutneys. Each person has their own taste, due to which several dishes are cooked in India. As used earlier, the word ‘chutney’ is a condiment prepared by a mixture of fruits and spices by the process of grinding. So, if you are an Indian then, you must have the best mixer grinders in India as a part of your kitchen. In other words, it is an essential part of a kitchen as a kitchen is incomplete without the best mixer grinders of India.

As its name suggests, it is used for grinding and mixing different food items in the kitchen for instance, pulses, fruits, chilies, grains, and many more. Above all, it is used daily in the Indian kitchen for making water-dropping dishes and cuisines. In case, if you are buying a mixer grinder for the first time then it would be a confusing task for you. There are various brands, which are best known for their products. In this case, the new buyer doesn’t match the requirements of his/her needs and go for the product in which they are handed and suggested.

If you are facing the same situations while choosing a suitable product, then don’t feel unease. We are here to serve you with our best research results and match the mixer and grinders according to your needs. There are a lot of things that you must consider before making a buying decision. Furthermore, we recommend you to check out our buying guide for the best knowledge. As a result, you will make the best choice and gain a deep knowledge of the best mixer grinders in India.

Above all, we have listed the top 10 best mixer grinders in India that are available in the market. As mentioned above, we have listed all the best mixers and grinders based on their testimonials, functions, brand name, and performance. In this technological world, everything is available in the online market as mixers and grinders are a part of it. So, let’s start our journey of the best mixer and grinders available in India and choose the best as per your needs.

Best Mixer Grinders in India

1. Sujata Powermatic Plus+ CH 900-Watt Juicer Mixer Grinders

Sujata is a well-known brand, in the section of Mixer and Grinders in India. As mentioned above, it is equipped with a tough 900-watt motor, therefore, it works on a different level by functioning smoothly and efficiently. It is best for heavy grinding jobs with the 900-watt motor fitted in. Moreover, it can continuously work for 90 minutes therefore, make it time-saving. It operates with a speed of 22,000 rpm that results in effective and efficient performance.

results for sujata powermatic plus mixer grinders

The honeycomb filter in this product helps is filtering the entire fiber residue of fruits and output fresh filtered juice which is healthy to drink. The powerful double-ball bearing in this product makes it much efficient and gives good outcomes. It is used for heavy uses in various sites, for instance, bars, restaurants, cafes, etc. The stainless steel blade is sharp which performs the good chopping of vegetables.

It includes a strong and durable blender with a capacity of 1750ml as well as a grinder of 1000ml. The two small jars are especially for dry grinding; therefore you can grind hard pulses and spices in it without any uneasiness. The airtight containers of this product, helps to sustain all the flavors and aroma of the mixture which therefore, makes the juices and food toothsome. Above all, it is the best product that money can buy amongst the top mixer grinders of India.


  • The Double Ball Bearing of this model ensures the efficiency and long life of the product.
  • It comes with an Unbreakable Kit that makes it durable for long term usability.
  • This includes sharp and Tough Stainless Steel Blades that grind the hard items with ease.
  • It is equipped with a Honeycomb Filter that filters all the residue materials, therefore provides fresh and healthy juice.
  • The Powerful 900-Watt Motor performs the heavy grinding in much less time.

Warranty – This product comes with a warranty of 1 year.

  • Sharp Stainless Steel Blades suitable for heavy grinding

  • Durable set of containers

  • Power of 900 watt

  • Burning smells can be felt while the first few uses due to varnish coating which will disappear after some usage.

2. Preethi 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi is one of the best brands of mixer grinders in India. Moreover, it is an Indian brand that is famous for fulfilling the needs of the customers by providing the best products and services. The product comes with a  Vega 5 motor of 750 watts that is suitable for grinding heavy and hard items within a couple of minutes. However, it operates at a voltage of 220 to 240.

results for preethi 750 watt mixer grinders in india

Usually when a mixer and grinder are operated for a very long run, then its motor gets heated very quickly and not able to function further. Unlike other products, this model has a fast cooling technology that cools down the product in less time, as a result overcome the heating issue. In total, it comes with 5 jars that include; master chef+ jar that is best for kneading flour in just 1 minute.

All the jars of this model have equipped with razor sharped blades that ensure the finest chopping and cutting of the food items. The insta fresh juicer of this model contains the centrifugal juicer that provides high-quality output. Besides, high-quality extraction is good for tamarind and coconut extraction. It contains a 3-speed knob control for changing the speed according to the requirements. In the matter of safety, it includes a safety light that emits red light in case of any fault or overuse. Moreover, this brand provides a home demo in selected cities, for a charge of 250 INR.


  • The 2.1-liter Master Chef jar can perform various functions such as grating, kneading, pureeing, etc.
  • It comes with an excellent design and color that can increase the decor of your kitchen.
  • This model includes 3 Ledged Anti-Skid bases that ensure the stability of the product even at the highest speed.
  • On the side of protection, it consists of an Insulated Power Cord as well as a circuit breaker.
  • Fast Cooling technology confirms it’s, durable, and long term functioning.

Warranty – It has 2 years warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the motor.

  • Razor Sharp Blades

  • 750 Watt Motor

  • 3 Speed Knobs

  • Safety Indicators

  • The noise issue may occur if the motor performs at the highest rate.

  • The burning smell in the first usage.

3. Panasonic 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinders

Panasonic is a well-known Japanese multinational company which is listed amongst the top technological brands in the world. This model by Panasonic is itself a good example of technology with some of the advanced features. This product carries the 550-watt heavy-duty motor. Moreover, the motor is lubricated with a magic seal protection to bring smoothness and helps in grinding the hard items with ease.

Results for panasonic 550 watt mixer grinders best in india

The overall package of this product includes a total of 3 stainless steel jars and 1 durable blender that make it all in one mixer grinder. As most of the mixer grinders have turning knob but this model comes with 3-speed pushbuttons. The dual safety mechanism of this model doesn’t allow the motor to function, unless its lid is tightly closed or if the jar is not fixed in the section.

The samurai edge blades of this product can grind the hardest food items, for instance, turmeric or any pulse within a couple of minutes. In addition, it can convert these food items into fine powder as a piece of cake. This product is versatile for performing any task like; juicing, blending, pureeing, grinding, etc. Going with the design, it comes with a black shiny look and a compact design. Therefore, this makes it suitable to accommodate in the kitchen without occupying large areas.


  • The Dual Safety Mechanism of this product doesn’t allow you to even start the motor in case of any problem.
  • It consists of Samurai Blades that can easily grind all the hardest food items with ease.
  • This model is equipped with a Magic Seal Protection that ensures the smooth functioning and long-lasting performance of the product.
  • It is featured with 3-Speed Settings, thus provide convenience while operating.
  • The sturdy handles provide an Aesthetic Design and convenience while holding the jars.

Warranty – It comes with a warranty of 5 years for its motor.

  • Double Safety

  • Samurai Edges Blades

  • Push buttons

  • Catchy Design and powerful motor.

  • A burning smell can arise while operating for the first time.

  • Food particles can get stuck between the lids.

4. Morphy Richards Superb 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Morphy Richards is a famous brand in the field of kitchen appliances. Moreover, it manufactures the best quality products that provide convenience to its customers. Hence, this model of Morphy Richards comes with a powerful motor of 200 watts and can operate around a voltage of 230 volts. The handles of this product are made up of ABS material that ensures the durability of the jars. Along with mixer grinders it also manufactures microwave ovens, chimneys, and other kitchen appliances.

results for morphy richards white mixer grinders of 500 watts

The 3 stainless steel blades are present for better chopping and different tasks. The company guarantees that this product can perform smoothly without getting overheated for 30 minutes. All the parts of this mixer grinder are made up of strong durable materials that increase the durability of the product. The superb motor of this product converts the mundane task of grinding the hard items into a couple of minutes.

Overall, this model comes with a total of 3 jars; Liquidizing Jar that is of 1.5 litres, another jar for wet/dry grinding that is of 1 litre and a small chutney jar that carries a capacity of 0.4 litres. It is equipped with a 3-speed function knob that provides convenience during the operation. As the motor of this product is so powerful so, it can easily grind hard food items and make chutneys in a couple of minutes. In the category of 500 watts, it fills the gap in best mixer grinders in India.


  • Stainless strong Razor-Sharp Blades enhance in chopping the hard food materials very easily.
  • The 3 Pin Plug of this product protects from any electrical risks.
  • It includes a 3-Speed Function Knob with an incher facility which, therefore, helps in adjusting the speed as per requirements.
  • The ergonomically designed ABS Handles increases its looks and gives it a catchy look.
  • This also contains Overload Protection for the motor to avoid any problem.

Warranty – It comes with a warranty of 2 years.

  • Superb Motor

  • ABS Handles

  • Razor Sharp Blades

  • Durable Jars with High-quality material

  • You can sense a burning smell while the first few use, which is normal.

5. Butterfly 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Butterfly is a common brand in India that offers high-quality products within reasonable rates especially, amongst best mixer grinders in India. Talking about this model, as its name suggests ‘Smart’ so, it goes by the name because it has all the advanced smart features in it. It comes with a motor of 750 watts, therefore, which can operate with a voltage of 230 volts. The product has an rpm of 17,000 to 20,000 which can easily finish the task in much less time.

results of butterfly 750 watt black color mixer grinders

In the matter of looks, it is designed with an attractive look and a compact design that makes it an eye-catchy product. It can enhance the kitchen décor. The LED light present in it indicates the power ON status of the device. There is a turning knob on the model that helps in regulating the 3-speed settings, moreover, a whip that can perform any task in a matter of minutes. It also carries sharp steel blades that confirm the precise cut of all the foodstuff in it.

It contains 3 different types of jars for specific tasks, for instance, juicer jar, chutney jar, and a dry/wet grinding jar. Moreover, it is a type of centrifugal juicer that separates all the residue material from the juice and provides a healthy and tasty juice. Above all, it is a versatile model that can easily manage any task. It includes sturdy handles that ensure the tough grip without any risk of slippage. The lids of this model are made up of polycarbonate materials. Thus, the lids are transparent and enable you to keep an eye on the process.


  • A user-friendly 3-Speed Control Knob allows you to easily handle the speed according to your needs.
  • It comes with Vacuum Rubber Shoes for a firm grip that helps in maintaining stability.
  • The Transparent Lids of this model allow you to observe the whole process.
  • This model has an automatic Overload Cut Off feature that prevents adding many items in the jar.
  • It consists of a Pusher that enables you to extract each drop of fruit without any wastage.

Warranty – The Company offers a warranty for 2 years.

  • 3 Speed Knob Control

  • Stainless Steel Jars

  • Vacuum Shoes

  • Durable Lids

  • It can produce a burning smell as in the first use.

  • The motor makes some noise if speed is at the top level.

6. Philips HL 7720 750-Watt 3-Jar Mixer Grinders

When talking about home essentials then how can Philips brand be missed from the top list? This is a well-known brand when the matter is about home appliances as it is serving its customers for many years. Moreover, Philips pays attention to the customer’s needs and solves its problems by providing convenient products. This model comes up with a 750-watt motor that performs the task much more efficiently and effectively. The innovative design of this product ensures to keep the motor safe in any case of overuse.

results of maroon color philips grinders

It includes 3 jars in total and each jar is specifically designed for their tasks such as mixed grinding, wet grinding, and dry grinding. It consists of sharp stainless steel blades that can easily cut out the food items in a couple of seconds. Moreover, these blades can easily be separated from the jars for easy cleaning. It carries a 3-speed knob control feature, which allows you to easily adjust the setting according to the requirements.

When it comes to a matter of looks, it is designed with a catchy design and a maroon shade that enhances the décor of your kitchen. The Auto Cut Off system in this product increases the life span of the motor by shutting it down, in any case of overheating or any voltage issue. The plastic and stainless steel used in this model is of high quality that ensures its durability and long term performance.


  • The robust 750 Watt Motor of this product makes the hard work very easy by its tough grinding.
  • It’s Sturdy & Rust-Free Design enhances the décor of the kitchen by occupying less space in the kitchen.
  • This model has Easy-Grip Handles that provide convenience while holding the product or doing some task.
  • It is featured with an Advanced Ventilation System that tackles the problem of heating issues.
  • The Click Lock Safety prevents any kind of leakage or spilling while operating.

Warranty – This product comes up with a warranty for 2 years.

  • Sturdy Design

  • Stainless Steel Jars

  • Auto Cut Off Protection

  • Advanced Ventilation System

  • It can perform some noise when operated in its full power.

  • The Burning smell can occur in some of the first uses but it is normal.

7. Bosch 1000- Watt Mixer Grinder

Bosch has been developing various kinds of kitchen appliances that are of magnificent quality. This is a renowned brand because for many years it is serving us high-quality products all over the world. This company provides high quality and innovative products that stand best amongst other products. Unlike other mixer grinders, it contains blunt pounding blade that uses the stone pounding technology to give a good aroma and grainy texture.

results of 1000 watt bosch mixer grinders in india

This model contains a robust motor of 1000 watt that if assembled with copper wiring for better and effective performance. TrueMixx is available with strong suction feet and strong lid jar that prevents any leakage or spilling while operation. Moreover, it helps in maintaining the stability of this model. It consists of high-quality stainless steel blades that help in grinding and chopping of the vegetables perfectly without any mundane. It can operate around a voltage of 230 to 240 volts.

The Active Flow Breaker of this model enhances the taste and texture of the batter during wet grinding. A concealed bush at the bottom of it averts any kind of leakage. It includes high-quality stainless steel jars that give it an attractive look. The motor rating of this model is 30 minutes in one chance; therefore you need to make a gap of some time for a long duration operation. Overall, it is one of the best mixer grinders of India.


  • The Ergonomic Design Handles of this model enhance in holding the grip of the jars while operation.
  • It contains Overload Protection that ensures the safety of excess loading of the raw material.
  • Maxx Juice Extractor enhances the best outcome while blending and juicing the fruits and vegetables.
  • Stone Pounding technology makes it unique, therefore, delivers the fine texture and fluffier batter every time.
  • Its Strong Suction Feet are suitable for maintaining stability while operation.

Warranty – The product comes with the warranty for 2 years.

  • Stone Pounding Technology

  • Stainless Steel Jars

  • Ergonomic Design Handles

  • Active Flow Breaker

  • The burning smell can occur while the first operation.

  • It can be a bit noisy if operated at full speed.

8. Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinders with 3 Jars

Bajaj is an Indian brand that is famous all over India for manufacturing high-quality products at reasonable prices. This brand also deals with kitchen and home appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, and many more. This Rex model of Bajaj is one of the economical mixer grinders with some of the most technological features. This model includes a motor of 500 watts that can easily grind all the types of hard food items and convert them into a powder in a couple of minutes.

bajaj rex mixer grinders in white shade with 500 watts

Bajaj Rex is considered as one of the most preferred mixer grinders as it helps in adding flavors and taste to your food. It comes with 3 stainless steel jars; liquidizing jar, multipurpose jar, and a chutney jar. However, all jars are of different shapes and capacities according to the food items to be prepared into it. The lids of these jars are of such a high quality that helps in keeping the food items intact and avoids any kind of leakage or spill.   

The 3-speed setting control in this model that enhances in adjusting the speed of the motor according to the foodstuff in it. It contains a multi-functional stainless steel blade that grinds the different ingredients into fine stuff in a couple of minutes. The body consists of rustproof ABS plastic which offers the long term and rust-free usage of the model. 


  • The LED Indicator ensures that whether the device is in use or not.
  • It is featured with Rubber Anti-Skid feet that enable it to maintain stability on the countertop or slab of the kitchen.
  • This consists of a Motor Overload Protector, which averts from further usage and prevents any kind of electrical fault.  
  • The Tower-Shaped design of this Bajaj product gives it a catchy look and enhances the style of the kitchen.
  • It contains Easy-Grip Jar Handles for a firm grip while doing some work.

Warranty – The Company offers a warranty of 1 year.

  • Rust Proof Body

  • Anti-Skid Feet

  • Motor Overload Protector

  • Multi-Functional Blade System.

  • It is loud as compared to the other models.

  • Burning smell can occur for the first uses.

9. Prestige Iris 750-Watt Mixer Grinders with 3 jars + 1 Juicer Jar

Prestige is an Indian brand that covers nearly all the kitchen items. This brand has been serving the world for many years. In addition, it has become a trustworthy brand in India. This Iris model enables smooth and fast blending with a powerful motor of 750 watts. The design of the motor is so powerful that it can perform any heavy task within a matter of minutes. Moreover it can operate within a voltage of 230 volts

prestige model in white and blue shade

It can perform blending and grinding of hard food items to the soft fruits. It also carries 3 multipurpose blades that can easily blend and chop the vegetables as a cakewalk. While using the motor you must keep a gap of 2 minutes after every 5 minutes of usage. The lids of this model are of transparent plastic by which you can monitor all the operation and function according to the process.

Above all, the jars of this model includes high quality durable material, which includes 1 juicer jar and 3 stainless steel jars for other use. The 3-speed knob control of this model and its cylindrical shape raises the style of this mixer grinder. This model contains all the safety features as it will not start in case, if it not adjusted in the section. 


  • It comes with an Inbuilt 750-Watt motor that can easily perform the blending of hard items.
  • The Mauve Colored Handle not only offers a stylish look but also a firm grip.
  • This model contains an Overload Protector that prevents any kind of electric issue.
  • It contains Sturdy Stainless Steel Blades that allow easily blending and mixing the food items.
  • The Centrifugal Juicer present in it provides tasty and pure juice without any fruit fibers or residue in it.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty for 2 years.

  • Firm Grip Plastic Handles

  • Transparent Lids

  • 3 Speed Knob Control

  • 3 Multipurpose Blades

  • It can cause burning smell in its first use which is normal.

10. Usha Mixer Grinder (MG-3576)

Usha is one of the most trusted brands in India when it comes to the field of kitchen appliances. This brand has been serving Indians for a few decades. This model of Usha is specially for preparing the Indian chutneys and batters like; coconut chutney, idli dosa batter, milkshakes, etc. It carries a 750-watt motor which is best for making all the types of chutneys whether they are of hard foodstuff or soft foodstuff. Furthermore, it gives you a perfect batter and fine texture.

results of red color usha 750 watt

When it comes to the design of this model, it contains a bell-shaped base that reduces the chance of any vibration and provides stability while operation. There is a set of a 3-speed knob design controller that enables you to check and control the speed of the device. Moreover, it has a set of 3 jars and each jar has its own specialty and you can choose as per requirements.

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The jars used in this model are of stainless steel with transparent lids that enable you to monitor the functioning of the mixer grinder. Its unique and sleek design makes it a piece of attraction in the kitchen by acquiring very little space. It also contains a super suction foot that maintains the stability of the product even at a higher speed. It is also certified by the ISI mark. You must allow the motor to cool down for a couple of minutes after the usage of 5 minutes.


  • It comes up with a 3 Pin Plug with earthing, that confirms the safety of the model.
  • This product’s body is made up of ABS Shockproof body which makes it strong and durable.
  • Sleek and Stylish design makes the product catchy and enhances the style of the kitchen.
  • It contains Stainless Steel Food-Safe Blade that chops the vegetables and fruits into a fine texture.
  • The Transparent Dome lids make it easy to keep an eye on the operation.

Warranty – The Company offers a warranty of 1 year.

  • Anti-Skid Feet

  • Unique Sleek Design

  • 3 Speed Knob Design

  • Overload Protector for Safety of Motor

  • Burning smell can be felt due to the varnish coating of the new product.

11. Eveready Glowy 500-Watt Mixer Grinders

Eveready is an Indian brand that is famous for its durable and high-quality products at such reasonable prices. Most probably, you might have seen Eveready in batteries or torches but it also manufactures some of the kitchen appliances as well. It has a 500-watt hybrid motor that can blend, mix, and liquidize things with ease. Moreover, it is suitable for a family member of 3 to 4 people and can easily perform hard operations in a matter of minutes. It can operate within a voltage of 230 volts.

eveready glowy model with 500 watt motor

Going with the look of this model, it is available in two colour mix that is blue and white. Its design is sleek and compact that can fit into any type of kitchen and increase the look of the kitchen without covering much space on the countertop of the kitchen. The total set contains 3 sets of jars which includes 1 litre of stainless steel liquidizer jar, 0.8 litres dry/wet grinder and 0.4 litres of chutney jar. It includes an anti-skid suction foot that allows the device to remain stable while functioning.

It contains drain cuts that make it easy to avert any kind of spillage during pouring work. The device is equipped with a motor overload system that prevents the appliance from any kind of short circuit and heating issue. The 3-speed knob controller design enhances in changing the speed of the motor as per needs. In addition, it includes pulse control function as a safety measure.


  • The Stainless Steel Blades help in chopping and cutting the vegetables in the finest form.
  • The ABS Stainless Steel provides the durability to the product.
  • It’s unique, Space-Saving design saves a lot of space in the kitchen and adds a new attraction to the kitchen.
  • Its Leakproof Jar lids, avert any kind of spillage and leakage.
  • This model contains Anti-Skid Suction feet, therefore, provides stability to the appliances while running.

Warranty – This product comes with a warranty for 2 years.

  • Anti-Skid Feet

  • Robust 500-Watt Motor

  • 3-Speed Knob Controller

  • Sleek,and Compact Design

  • It is a bit noisy than the other brands.

  • It can cause some burning smell for the first usage, which is a normal issue.

Buying Guide for Best Mixer Grinders in India

Now, you have checked all the mixer grinders that are available in the Indian market. But, here comes the inquiry that amongst the above-mentioned products, which is considered the most suitable appliances. In other words, you should opt-in for that product only which fits best according to your needs. In case, if you are buying the mixer grinder for the first time then you must deeply go through our buying guide.

After which it will not be any mundane task to choose the product. Most often, you get suggested by the shopkeeper to choose the most expensive product. This is why don’t be a follower of any shopkeeper but instead of it take your own decision to choose the best option while considering your needs. You must keep in mind all the essential points mentioned below before making any buying decisions to choose the best mixer grinders of India.

Types of mixer grinders

The mixer grinders are a must-have kitchen appliance in every kitchen. It plays a pivotal role in saving our time by functioning effectively and efficiently. The function of the mixer is to mix all kinds of vegetables and fruits is usually a thick liquid form such as purees, batter, and shakes, etc. This innovation of technology can save time and free us from the mundane task. Moreover, you can make quick and delicious food in a couple of minutes.

There are two types of mixer grinders

1. Juicer mixer and grinder

2. Mixer grinder

We advise you to go for the juicer mixer and grinder because it is more beneficial to have more features within the same price. This enables you to save money. It is most important to pay attention to the few things like; Types of mixtures, numbers of jars, controller, motor watt and power, speed, and some of the safety features.

Safety features

Safety stands as one of the most important aspects while choosing any electrical appliances. On average, a mixer grinder is used after every 2 days in a simple kitchen. So, if you have to deal with the kitchen appliances every 2nd day then it must be safe. After all, here are some of the safety features keep in mind while purchasing the appliance. All the best mixer grinders in India contain safety features.

Safety Lock System

This system prevents the motor to start, if the base section is not fit in it. In case, if the lid is still open then also the motor will not start. As a result, it will eventually stop all the spillage and leakage, if it would have started with an open lid.

Over Load Prevention

The overload protection is a must-have the essential feature of safety as it can prevent any kind of over usage of the motor. As a result, it can easily prevent the motor from any heating issue. If the appliance doesn’t contain this feature then its mixer grinder can easily be damaged by overuse. It has a similar feature like electricity fuse, as its circuit breaks due to heat and stops the motor from running.

Vacuum Skid Feet

The majority of people don’t take this feature seriously and ignores this. But on the flip side, this feature enhances in maintaining the stability of the mixer grinder by its anti-skid feet on any surface. In other words, you must consider this feature in your product as it refrains from any kind of vibration and slips during the function.

Power of Mixer Grinder

In the field of power, the variety of power ranges from 400 watts to 1000 watts. The selection of power depends on the usability of the appliance; for instance – if you use an appliance for dry grinding or making chutney then 500 watt is sufficient but if you are grinding hard vegetables of idli dosa batter then 750 watt or more is best for you. To clarify, you must be serious about choosing the best mixer grinders in India.  

Speed of the motor

After the power, another thing that must be considered as important is the speed of the motor that is RPM (Rotations per minute). If there are higher rotations then consider it as of higher speed. There is a drawback about the high RPM, as if there is high RPM then it will produce more noise and eventually consume more electricity.

Number of Jars  

Jars play a pivotal role in every mixer grinder, as it is the container where you put your foodstuff and convert into some chutney, batter, and puree. The number of jars depends on the members of the family. Moreover, every grinder comes with at least 3 to 4 jars.

Along with the number of jars, you must check the quality of jars. After all, quality is important than quantity, so you must make sure that all the jars are made up of high quality and durable plastic for long term usage.

You should also observe the tight lids that enhance the mixture to remain inside while running without causing any spillage. Moreover, you can also go with the lids that are transparent which makes it easy to monitor the progress. After all, the best mixer grinders in India include ABS material.

Blades of mixer grinders

There are different types of blades in every mixer grinders. Each blade has its function and specifications. You must check out the quality of the blade; that what type of material is it made of and the sharpness of the blade.

Different types of mixer grinders blades.

Moreover, the blades should be tough and designed by the sharp stainless steel material. You can change some of the blades manually for different tasks.

Speed control Knob or Switch

Now you know what type of motor you are opting for, the main part of the controller is to change the speed settings. You can select the speed based upon the foodstuff that is in the jar; there are 3-speed settings like High, Medium, and Low. The best juicer mixer & grinder come with the slow speed settings. This feature enables the mixer grinder to churn all the vegetables and fruits, therefore, it helps in retaining the vitamins in the output.

Design of the product

After all, another important thing that must be kept in mind is the style and design of the mixer grinder. You must choose a product that fits best into your kitchen according to the space and color of the surroundings. You must choose a compact design that will increase the décor of your kitchen. The best mixer grinders in India are manufactured by keeping style and design in concern.

Warranty and After Sale Service

With all the electrical items, you get a warranty which ensures you to believe that the product is good and will work smoothly. The warranty of the product varies from company to company. Usually, most of the mixer grinders come with a warranty of 2 to 5 years. Therefore, the warranty is offered for the motor but not for the body.

You must also recognize the after-sale service offered by the company. Some of the reputed brands provide a good after-sale service. Moreover, some of the companies also provide a demo of the product, especially in big cities.  


Another crucial thing before buying the product is to make sure of the definite budget. Usually, the juicer mixer and grinder is expensive than mixer grinder. Moreover, mixer grinders with both dry and wet grinding stand much more expensive. You must go for the product, which fits best according to your budget and fulfill your needs.

Final Talks

Now, you have gone through all the mixer grinders, so you must keep the positive aspects of appliances and which fits best for your kitchen. You must choose the mixer grinder with 3 pin plugs with earthing that protects it from any short circuits.

We hope that you can make the best choice after reading this buying guide for the best mixer grinders in India. There are some more articles which you must go for such as; best peelers, best microwaves, best refrigerators, best washing machines and many more. We hope you have got all the information and choose one of the best mixer grinders in India.

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