Best Juicers in India

mango and lemon juice

Persistent and constant trying of getting all sorts of nutrients has become a to-do habit in our health-conscious environment. Isn’t it? or always realizing how or which best juicers in India at home can end your worries. Yes, we all have been in those shoes.

Hence, juicing at home is the newest health culture practice for your pulpy fruits and leafy vegetables in your diet. When the sun is all over your head and summer in full swing, fresh juice with a good combination of fruits and vegetables will surely save your day.

It goes well when kick-starting off a healthy diet, a great juicer paves your way for healthy drinking habits.

Why home juicing is trending in INDIA?

Home juicing will engage in you in a manner which is totally different from handing picking up tetra packs of juice form supermarket or malls, This practice of home juicing from freshly cut fruits and vegetables will take in you a different spirit.

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Indulging in juice routine at home will make you consume essential nutrients which otherwise would have become tough when fruits and vegetables are prepared in other cooking processes.

It’s high and seasonal time  when you should try unprocessed fruit juices made from your home,

Dont’t get bored of eating fruits and vegetables every time, just extract them with different kind of juicers that will be great going with your kitchen. Juicers’s features will surely entice you to buy it.

Of course, it needs an investment of your time and your assurance that it’s right for you. Hence we also got you some common faq’s that may help in your judgement.

Here is the list of some best juicers for home so that you can evaluate at your best which type of juicers will you get along with.

A look at best Juicers in India

1.Philips viva collection juicer

A black and steel color juicer.

With Philips like brand juicer at your home, your worries for hassle-free juice preparation will disappear. You will surely enjoy the experience of extracting fresh fruit juices at ease.


  • Elegant design-You can make out the efforts put for this look which guarantees a rust-free material, a durable black and steel colour that goes with every sort of kitchen.
  • Large capacity– A 800 ml juice will suit your needs, make two 2L at one go. 
  •  A fine cleaning technology will bring convenience as it will clean the thick fibres left from fruits, a pre-clean function will clean your juicer within one minute.
  •  A sieve sometimes brings difficulty to clean as thick fibres get stuck there, but not with Philips one, now easily wipe them with damp cloth or sponge.
  • Easy to a handle-The juicer is designed with smooth surfaces for easy handling, no sharp edges.
  • The pulp container, which lets the pulp collect at one place. Don’t have to remove it from the lids or other parts.
  • The technology will not leave any part, every bit will be extracted from fruits and vegetables, enjoy 2L of juice at one go.
  • Power-700 watt will make crushing smooth and effective.
  • Warranty-Enjoy 2 years of warranty
  • Operating voltage-220-240 volts

  • Thanks to the efficient cutting technology, which means that a large feeding can juice up large fruits like apple or vegetables without pre-cutting.

  • The product may sometimes stop due to the accumulation of pulp in the container, then simply switch off the appliance and remove the pulp from the container.

2. Sujata powermatic plus 900-watt juicer mixer grinder

A white color juicer

Enjoy your sip of drink with 900 watts juicer mixer grinder. Durable for homes as it is sturdy and tough to use.

With Sujata(one of the famous brand among best juicers in India),you can totally rely on its services.


  • A shockproof mechanism will your operation smooth and carefree.
  • 22000 rpm operation which means that run it continuously for 90 minutes.
  • Parts are made of stainless steel to rust-free issues.
  • Fine and sharp stainless steel blades will cut finer and efficiently.
  • A fresh design and stylish design to compliment your kitchen.
  • This juicer mixer grinder comes with a small mixer jar to suit all your grinding needs.
  • Easy to use-Juicer is provided with honeycomb filer mesh for finer extraction.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Low maintenance.

  • Powerful motor

  • Value for money

  • Make healthy juice from carrot or beetroot from home.

  • A long durability juicer.

  • The machine will make lilltle noise,you may reduce the speed to reduce noise level.

3. Kuvings 240-watt cold press juicer(Dark silver)

A kuvings brand juicer

Kuvings brought you remarkable best home juicing machine for you and your lovely family to not anymore run and work hard for extracting nutrients as its 240-watt power moto fits perfectly for your juicing needs.

Its magnificent dark silver look will mix well with your kitchen. Go with an upcoming brand among best juicers in INDIA.


  • Strong motor mechanism- A 50 rpm speed slow juicing while gently squeezing fruits and vegetables without making much noise.
  • Patented technology, which means that the machine comes with patented largemouth so that heavy fruits or any other ingredients can load hassle-free without cutting them.
  • Ensures safety, by providing a safety lock system that allows user to run machine only when it is installed properly, thus avoiding any spilling of juice.
  • Ease at cleaning-The parts will be directly put underwater or in a small bucket of water and gently run your hands to remove waste.
  • Patented smart cap, avoids spilling of juice, easily monitor how much juice you wish to pour.
  • Try out new recipes with nuts, cashews or even almonds.
  • Power-240 watts
  • Warranty– 10 years on motor and one year on product.
  • The machine comes with a cleaning kit comprising a specialized rotating cleaning brush and a regular brush.

  • Perfect gift for loved ones.

  • An attractive and easy to go juicer.

  • You will have to go little above your pocket,  the price is a high but one-time investment and enjoying it for many years will never go wrong. 

4. Philips viva collection 500-watt juicer

A black color philips juicer

Switch off to healthy lifestyle through Philips juice maker, another one form Philips which is similar in some points but different in some features which will make your day fresh and energetic drink ou of this elegant finish juicer.

You’ll ought to fall for this classic and distinguished designed juicer.


  • An elegant finish will surely compliment you and your kitchen.
  • Capacity-Make 1.2L at one go.
  • A drip-stop will prevent the juice from dripping, it is also easily detachable which will make your cleaning easy.
  • This juicer comes with an amazing feature of juicing it directly into your glass. 
  • Transparent pulp container-Please your eyes by watching the juicing process, the slicing of fruits and vegetable into the fine drink
  • Easy to clean-All parts are dishwasher safe.
  • All pulp gets collected at one place so no worries of getting it removed every time just get done with it once.
  • Power-500 watts
  • Operating voltage-220-240 volts
  • Included cord storage.

  • Serve directly and avoid shifting of parts from here and there.

  • Quick clean technology.

  • Smooth and easy to clean

  • Seeds of fruits should be removed beforehand.

5. Balzano 180 watt cold press slow juicer

A balzano brand red and black color juicers in India

Balzano newest and advanced juicer with fresh technology of extracting every bit of nutrients into your drink, leaving behind the natural taste.Slow juicing add on a special and significant feature of crushing and grinding fruits and vegetables while preserving important nutrients and vitamins.

Hence slow juicers give enough time to extract, leaving behind dry pulp.


  • Maximum health in your drink-A juicemax technology will extract 90% of juice from fruits along with required nutrients.
  • Quick cleaning technology-Clean up faster, will hardly take 1 minute to clean up.
  •  Make-The make is in such a way that it produces minimum sound level due to its slow motion of the motor.
  • Durability– A Trouble-free process as it can juice or extract soft and hard fruits and vegetables, thus squeezing all required nutrients in your drink.
  • Power-180 watts
  • Warranty- 1 year on product and 5 years on motor.
  • Best for your loved ones-Give your family a variety of health drinks including maximum nutrients and vitamins.

  • Safety lock system

  • Easy to assemble

  • Takes less space.

  • You cannot clean the machine with the system on, It might give you an electric shock. Switch off the machine then start the process of cleaning

6. Kent 800 ml cold press juicer

Kent Best Juicers in India

Kent cold press juicer performs the same function of squeezing and juicing just like the above Balzano one, but with some exciting features like horizontal fast cleaning system which is totally a new feature in the world of juicers and mixers.


  • A graceful design-The design you can make how uniquely it been crafted, which will surely enhance your kitchen look.
  • Horizontal model-A horizontal model makes it easy for users to clean the machine.
  • Capacity-800 ml
  • Reverse motor mechanism-This helps the users for blockage free operation, no blockages due to pulp waste as a separate container for pulp waste collection is provided.
  • The powerful motor makes easy extraction.
  • Low speed is due to preserving essentials nutrients while extraction.
  • Warranty-1 year on product
  • Blockage free operation.

  • Perfect for your family, treat them with fresh and vitamins filled juice drink.

  • Low temperature.

  • You have to be extra careful when taking out the machine parts

7. Agaro imperial 240 watts slow juicer with cold press technology.

Agaro black and silver color cold pres best juicers in India

Now have your breakfast done right and fresh with cold press technology to extract lively dense juice as well as rejuvenating smoothies or slush for your family.

A superior and exclusive design to smarten your kitchen as well as a commercial place like restaurants, cafes, or hotels.


  • Cold press technology-this particular technology ensures your maximum health by abstracting vital vitamins and nutrients by slowly juicing fruits and vegetables.
  • Material- Say goodbye to local plastic and enjoy 100% BPA free plastic.
  • It runs smooth operation due to the presence of a reverse button that clears the collected pulp in case it gets blocked in the juicer.
  • Now put this juicer to multitask feature for making smoothies or slush.
  • The large feeding chute is for juicing entire fruit like apple or orange without pre-cutting.
  • Easy cleaning, as you can assemble and disassemble hassle-free for the cleaning process.
  • Power-240 watts
  • Warranty-1 year on electric parts and 5 years on motor.
  • Avoid the complication of cutting fruits beforehand.

  • Perfect gift for your loved ones.

  • Dense juice with no air bubbles.

  • A bit expensive, but if you desire to have long term investment and better quality, go for it.

8. Nutri ninja auto 1Q 1000 Watt blender with two Tritan material jars

Nutrininja black and sliver color best juicer

With stunning 1000 watt motor and sharp blades to blend fruits and vegetables and fruits into garden fresh juice, hence leaving behind no nutrients.

Make drinks from green leafy vegetables or smoothies with auto IQ intelligence system


  • The design- The product is engineered in an easy way for you just click one button, while you sit back and it’s done with auto IQ intelligence programme.
  • Power-1000 watt is more than enough for your hard, smooth fruits to get squeezed up into a mouth-watering drink in seconds.
  • So favourable that you just need to blend the drink in the cup then add the handy spout lid and enjoy your day with relieving drink.
  • Warranty- 2-year warranty.
  • An advanced intelligence system.

  • A perfect one to gift it to your mom, wife or friend.

  • Efficient nutrition extraction system.

  • Make a variety of drinks like cherry lemonade, coconut mango juice or lean green ninja.

  • A machine comes with a handful of responsibility, don’t run it carelessly.

9. Wonderchef Nutri-blend 400 watts juicer 

Wonderchef best juicers in India

Now a healthy diet just a few minutes away from you as Wonderchef’s unique design and super-fast motor blends the ingredients. Just sit back and pamper yourself with all fibres and minerals filled drink.

Carefully designed nutritional mixes by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor with a modish look. What else you want?



  • Design- You can easily fall for its look as it small enough to get adjust along with your kitchen appliances.
  • Jars-Two unbreakable jars ease your process as it transparency allows you to see through the juicing process which not only pleases you but lets you decide whether the crushing is enough for you or not.
  • Superfine and sharp blades, help the cutting process more precise.
  • Ease of use-Just experience the pleasure of juicing without touching, just place, twist and sip.
  • You will not get tangled with the cleaning process as the parts are easy to disassemble.
  • Storage and sprinkler caps- the juicer comes with cap and sprinkler for all your seasoning requirements.
  • Multitask-You can easily grind masalas, or chilli chutney or shakes, smoothies.
  • Capacity-80 ml(short jar) and 250 ml(long jar).
  • 2-year warranty on the product.
  • Bye-bye to big giant food processors.

  • 15-30 seconds of operation.

  • No complicated attachments.

  • No cons


A juicer being used by person

Going on a healthy diet doesn’t always require to following a rigid routine, going home juicing is always favourable for squeezing palatable juice from your favourite fruits, not to forget how citrus items have the ability to refresh our mood.

Going for home juicing is a great decision but it will be helpful if you read what types of juicers are out there.

  1. Centrifugal juicer-These juicers work on sharp spinning blades that super fastly cut all kinds of hard and soft fruits and vegetables at very high speed which leads to a nice extraction of juice from produce. It surely runs at a faster rate than slow juicers, sometimes you could see little foam.
  1.  Masticating juicer-These are juicers with gears present inside it that runs slowly and silent crushes fruits and vegetables, which helps in preserving nutrients and minerals than high-speed juicers. Now brands like kuvings have come up wide mouth system which allows fruits to cut simply in the machine, instead of cutting it beforehand. They are so-referred to ‘slow juicer’ as they simply press the juice out of fruits, instead of cutting them. 
  1. Cold press juicer- these juicers will vanish your worry of any heat generation, keeping the nutrients stay intact, the juice is extracted by hydraulic pressure on fruits and vegetables.

Do look for

Buying guide for best juicers in India

An efficient juicer might be few points away from you but here we are covering all required instruction to look in a juicer before puchase, as your satisfaction is our first priority.

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Features to consider in a juicer.

  1. Easy to clean-A cleaning which is a hectic job should be made easy, the parts should be easily assembled and disassembled. 
  2. Warranty -check warranty period, the more the warranty period, the more beneficial to your juicing experience.
  3. Feeder tubes-Look for the size of feeder tubes, as for good juicing experience you have to have large feeding tubes, the big fruit and vegetables can be automatically cut, otherwise, the small ones will make you cut beforehand.
  4. Capacity -A juicer varies from 1L to 2L, decide according to your family size or which type of work are you in, for say in cafes, hotels or restaurants. Also, look for how much juicer container could hold juice at one go.
  5. Preference -Which kind of juicers you will prefer a slow one or fast one if your schedule is busy then go for high speed one, otherwise enjoy slow one.
  6. Cord length-An small yet important feature as long the cord length will ensure your convenience to place it according to need.
  7. Noise level– Yes a mixer noise can be very high, look for rpm the higher rpm will determine high-level motor noise.
  8. Accessories availability-Accessories availability differ with brands but few common accessories to look for are cleaning brush,  jar,  jar, or filters.
  9. Multiple speed-Its better to go fora machine with multiple juicing options. Slow speeds will be apt for soft fruits and fast speeds for hard ingredients. It basically lets you control the juicing process.
  1. Amount of yield or juice produce-As different juicers gives results like slow juicers will extract maximum because of its slow process while high speed or centrifugal juicers will give less yield when compared to slow ones,  probably decide as per your needs.

Best brands for juicers in India

Going for the best brands for juicers in India works always as a safe option, as brand value easily makes us convenient to work with juicers for a long time.

Purchasing best brands makes our spending worth.


With continuously building upon rich heritage,  has come up with a world of items for its customers,  in 1891 has now become one of the largest electronics company in the world.

Philips core products are consumer electronics and electrical products which range from shavers,  toothbrushes to coffee makers. Philips has also engaged themselves in medical types of equipment like ct scanners or ECG machines.

Now it is racing ahead among best brands for juicers in India.


 Going for best brands for juicers in India and not mention Sujata, our own Indian brand will be an injustice as Sujata is emerging as a fast and advanced brand in India.  It is continuously promoting the ‘Make in India’ concept. It has been into many kitchen appliances since 1980 and the pride of many houses. Its mission is to provide the best experience without any compromise in design or safety.


Kuvings is serving almost 80 countries and now it has become an essential part of restaurants, home or cafes. It is a combination of german word kitchen and living and striving excellence for 40 years.


Balzano has been evolving since 1908, founded in Italy they are into beautiful collaboration in wide range of products from knives to 

The maker,  to give a unique family experience.

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The name is running successfully in every household when it comes to the purifier since 1999 kent is into making healthcare products. You already have seen it in water purifiers and even used then why not use as the best brand for juicers in India.


The company is known for its personal healthcare products like trimmers, hair straighteners or dryers etc.  understands the need of the customer and 

fulfils at a reasonable price.


The established brand is inti making high-quality products,  say blenders,  cookers,  processor or coffee maker. This company started out in London catering to all sort of needs of its customers with products which have impacted their lives in some way around the world.


Our very know,  chef collaborated with Wonderchef, which specialise in all kinds of kitchen and cookware appliances german-based quality standards and Italian design in their products. A unique feature that is a customized recipe book that is created none other than Sanjeev Kapoor which comes with Wonderchef products. It is gradually growing as one of the best juicers in India.

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Frequently asked questions about best juicers in India

Q1. What are important juicers points to look before purchase?

Ans-The best juicer will depend on your requirements that differ from person to person, but basic things to look for are warranty, speed, noise level and ofcourse the price.

Q2. How long does a juicer last?

Ans-A machine’s life highly depends on how you maintain it, otherwise warranty will tell your how will it make it.

Q3. How to maintain juicer machine?

Ans-It not a big deal to maintain it, when you can maintain big items like chimney or refrigerators, you have to just clean on a regular basis and carefully assemble and disassemble parts.

Q4. Are slow juicers better?

Ans-If you are extra health conscious and want nutrients and minerals to perfectly get inside your body, then slow juicers is a must-buy. Moreover helo in detoxifying your system.

Q5. Can we put fruits into the juicer without cutting them?

Ans- If you are purchase wide open feeding tube, then you dont’t have to worry. But the sees of the fruits will bother, it is suggested you cut them, removes seeds and then put.

Q6. Which are best juicers in India?

Ans-The answer simply lies in fact that it totally depend on your requirements for example family size,taste and preferences

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