Best Hand Blender in India

In India, cooking is a fundamental part of our daily life. Every day doing cooking feels like a little boredom because we are repeating the same task every day. Our cooking includes many steps before we can enjoy our food. In this cooking process, we use mixer grinders, microwaves and gas stoves, etc. So, you can notice that we have involved technology in our cooking process. Who likes to do the same tasks each day? And what if your daily tasks become much easier with the addition of a new handy appliance? Here, we are targeting the best hand blender in India.

It goes with its name ‘Hand Blender’ it blends and mixes the food and all stuff. It does the task of blending very quickly without any difficulty. Wasting time on cutting and chopping vegetables is a boring task that takes a lot of time. The hand blenders are also known as immersion blenders or stick blenders. These are some of the most convenient appliances that can be used for blending the daily recipes such as; soups, shakes, and other items that require blending.

Best Electric hand blenders

These blenders are lightweight and compact in design which enhances the control of these appliances. The blenders consist of a motor on the uppers side and attachments used for blending on the lower side. The blenders can do other tasks like pureeing, mixing and churning of cream, etc. Moreover, these include other tasks like ice-crushing, mixing dough, and chopping of vegetables.

One of the essential things about these blenders is that they consume less energy, and require less space in the kitchen. If you have read till here then we are sure that you are really interested in buying hand blenders. But before buying these blenders you must go through our Buying Guide and things to be considered before investing your money. Here, is the list of Best Hand Blender in India.

Best Hand Blender in India

1. Inalsa Robot 800-Watt Hand Blender with Chopper

This is a brand which has been manufacturing the best quality products for more than 3 decades. Inalsa group is producing high-quality products including other kitchen appliances. It is considered one of the best hand blender in the Indian market because of its unique design and performance. This is loaded with an 800-watt motor which performs within the voltage of 220V to 230V.

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It comes up with a light-weight design and sharp stainless steel blade that suits best for making purees and shakes. The stainless steel blade enhances the chopping of vegetables in smooth and fine cutting. The variable speed controller of this device enables to set the speed of the blender according to the recipe. It is designed with a LED light look which gives it an eye-catching look. It also contains a hanging loop that enables you to hang it anywhere in the kitchen and occupy less space.

The Anti-Splash technology in this blender prevents any kind of spilling from the container with its blade-shield design. The stem is made up of high-quality food-grade steel which doesn’t harm the food. The whole set contains a whisk, chopper, hand blender, and measuring cup. It comes up with a special ergonomic design that helps in staying the grip and not tiring the hands-on blender.


  • It contains Easy Assemble & Disassemble design that makes all the parts easy to attach and detach.
  • Anti-Splash technology prevents any kind of spillage from the containers.
  • The Anti-Slip design maintains the grip of the hands-on blender.
  • Its robust 800-watt motor finishes the task in such a quick time.
  • This model has a variable speed controller that allows you to manage the speed of the motor

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 2 years.

  • 600ml jar

  • Anti-Slip technology

  • Dual Speed Control

  • Hanging Loop

  • Chopping jar is not that much durable

2. Bajaj HM 01 250-Watt Hand Mixer

Bajaj is a company that manufactures a lot of electrical and automobile devices. It is a leading company in advanced technology and design. This brand is trusted by most people because of its durability and good performance. This model of hand blender contains a powerful motor of 250 watts that is enough for doing blending and pureeing tasks. This product is special because it can do kneading the flour within a couple of minutes.

best hand blenders in india

For kneading the flour, it comes up with dough hooks, beater so that it can perform different tasks. Moreover, it also comes up with an eject button that detaches the accessories in one second. The speed controller helps you to change the settings within 3 modes; High, Medium, and Low as per requirement. Don’t get confused with the look of this motor as weighs around 1.1kg.

It consumes very less electricity and saves your electricity bills. You can easily make your bakery items from its mixing, beating, whisking tasks. The product comes up with a strong motor that performs the task efficiently and effectively. It doesn’t get overheated with overuse.


  • It has 3 speeds setting that control the speed according to the recipes.
  • The stylish design of this product makes it stand out of the box.
  • It is equipped with 250 watts motor that is energy efficient.
  • The eject button in this device can detach accessories within one touch.
  • This model has chrome-plated dough and beater attachments.

Warranty – This brand offers a warranty of 2 years on the product.

  • 3 speed settings

  • 250 Watts motor

  • Eject button

  • Light weight and Catchy design

  • It can be a bit noisy, the lowest speed is inappropriate for slow mixing because of its high speed.

3. Black + Decker BXBL6001IN 600-Watt Hand Blender

This Black Decker hand blender is one of the best hand blender in India due to its advanced technology. It comes up with a 600-watt motor that is perfect for doing all the kitchen chores of blending and pureeing. This model comes up with a detachable metal shaft. You can easily remove the metal shaft and clean it with water. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the short circuit of the motor.

The Stainless-Steel Blade of this product makes it quite efficient in chopping and cutting the vegetables. The Variable 8-Speed settings of this model enable you to manage the speed of the motor. You can set the speed of the motor according to the recipes you are preparing. The operating voltage of this product is between 220-240 volts.

The device comes with a 500ml measuring cup, whisk, and chopper. The measuring cup of this device helps you to keep the quantities right. The design of this product is compact and doesn’t demand a lot of space in the kitchen. It is suitable for chopping vegetables like cauliflower, carrot, ginger, onion, and garlic. Moreover, the whisk attachment of this product can whip egg whites and creams to fluffy creams.


  • It is equipped with 8-speed settings that enable to adjust the speed as per requirement.
  • This model comes up with Stainless Steel Shaft that is detachable and provides ease in cleaning.
  • The Stainless-Steel Blade in this model can do blending and pureeing perfectly.
  • Its 600 Watt powerful motor is good enough to blend and whisk flawlessly.

Warranty – This product comes with a warranty of 2 years.

  • Stainless-Steel Blade

  • Detachable Steel Shaft

  • 600-Watt Motor

  • 8 Speed Settings

  • It makes a noise while operation

4. Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix 350-Watt Hand Blender

Maharaja is one of the best companies in making kitchen essential appliances like mixer grinders, juicers, etc. This brand is famous for its durable and tough products which fulfill the needs of its customers. This product of Maharaja contains a robust motor of 350 Watt which delivers high-quality performances. This motor can easily blend fruits and vegetables for preparing shakes and smoothies in just a couple of minutes.

best hand blender in india

It comes up with super sharp steel blades and a metal shaft that enhances the durability and life span of the product. This product is designed with an ergonomic handle that ensures appropriate grip while using the blender. This whole device contains a 500ml of chopping jar along with an 800ml of the beaker to do the blending and whipping without the use of any other container.

This product also comes up with a Hanging Loop that doesn’t require making storage space for a blender. Therefore, you can simply hang it on a wall without occupying any space on the countertop. It has a detachable plastic foot for extra comfort that enhances its cleaning process by removing the accessories and clean properly.


  • It includes Anti-Splash beakers that don’t allow any kind of spill out of the beaker.
  • This model contains a Hanging Loop that enables you to hang it on the wall and save space for the countertop.
  • It comes up with ergonomic handles that make the grip better and enhances the operation.                                
  • Its Super Sharp Blades enhances the durability and chops the vegetables and fruits perfectly.

Warranty – The product has 2 years of warranty.

  • Super Sharp Blades

  • Hanging Loop

  • Ergonomic Handles

  • 360 Watt motor

  • After Sale Service is not responsive and heating issue might occur

5. Philips HL1655/00 250-Watt Hand Blender

Philips is a renowned brand all over the world. This is one of the brands that are trusted by many people. This brand produces all kinds of kitchen products that are essential for cooking and other kitchen chores. This model comes up with a 250 Watt motor that can blend all types of fruits and vegetables in just 20 minutes with its robust motor.

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This product is specially designed with food-grade material and stainless steel, which makes the recipe safe to eat. Moreover, this enhances the durability and rust-proof performance of the blades. There are two types of blades in this model that enables you to whip eggs, cream, and other beverages. Its grove body design makes the cleaning of the blender easy with the help of warm water, therefore, wipes out the stains.

The model has a press button on the top of it. So, you only need to just press the button and then its powerful 250-watt motor will play its role. Moreover, this motor contains an RPM of 18000 which can finish the task in a couple of minutes. Above all, this hand blender is one of the best hand blender in India by Philips that can whisk, blend, beat, chop and churn all kind of stuff. 


  • It single trigger operation can finish the task within a couple of minutes.
  • Its ergonomic design provides a better grip while operating.
  • It contains two types of blades; one for blending and another for whisking.
  • This model is made up of food-grade and stainless steel material that makes it rustproof.

Warranty – This model contains a warranty of 2 years.

  • Stainless Steel Blades

  • Food-Grade material

  • Single-Trigger operation

  • It produces a lot of noise when operating

6. Morphy Richards HBCP 400-Watt Hand Blender

Morphy Richards is one of the famous brands in producing kitchen appliances all over the world. This company produces various kitchen essentials like; microwaves, refrigerators, and others. This product by Morphy Richards is a versatile device that can be used for chopping, cutting, whipping and blending, etc. This device uses the optimum amount of energy that keeps it running which makes it listed as the best hand blender in India. 

one of the best hand blender in india

It comes up with a strong motor of 400 watts that is fair enough to blend and chop all fruits and vegetables. The product carries a 2 speed-variable controller that allows you to manage the speed according to the recipes. Its stainless-steel shaft can carry its task even in hot recipes. You can perform various tasks with this blender as it allows you to whisk, blend, and chop. So, you can enjoy buttermilk, shakes, cream, and also do the churning.

This product is designed ergonomically that allows you to make a perfect grip on the body with your hands. Therefore, it doesn’t disturb the grip while operating and maintains stability. It includes detachable accessories that enhance the cleaning process without worrying about any issue with the motor. The package of this product contains a measuring beaker by which you can measure the amounts precisely.


  • It comes with an ergonomic design that makes it stable on hand without slipping.
  • The motor of this device is robust at 400 watts which is enough for blending and chopping any vegetables.
  • This product has 2-speed variable controls by which you can control the speed between two settings.
  • It includes detachable accessories that make the cleaning process much easier.

Warranty – The product has a warranty of 2 years

  • Light weight

  • Ergonomic design

  • 2 speed controller

  • 400 watt motor

  • Poor customer service

7. Boss B101 125-Watt Portable Hand Blenders

Boss hand blenders are one of the top-rated blenders in the market. This product has a unique design that is attractive and catchy. Therefore, people want to go with the product. The power motor of 125 watts in this product is sufficient for doing your daily kitchen chores. Though, it is not able to grind spices. If you want a perfect blender for daily purposes at a reasonable rate then this is the best hand blender available in India.

This hand blender is perfect for whisking, beating, chopping, churning because of its stainless steel blades. This product comes up with a package of 3 stainless steel blades that can do all types of mixing and whisking stuff. You can arrange the blades category as per requirement. Moreover, it also includes a wall mounting stand that maintains the support on the walls of the kitchen and occupies a little bit of space.

There are 2-speed settings featured on it so that you can change the speed settings according to the recipes. It comes up with a sleek and compact design that enhances the quality of grip on the blender as well as gives it a catchy look. Moreover, due to its unique and compact design it is easy to clean with just warm water to remove all kinds of stains.


  • This device has an ergonomic design which makes its grip strong.
  • It contains super stainless blades that can chop, whisk any kind of fruits and vegetables.
  • The Wall-Mounting Stand of this device enables it to maintain support from the wall and occupy less space.
  • The model includes a 2-speed operation that changes the speed according to the requirements.
  • Its powerful-motor of 125 watts is enough to make shakes and smoothies for daily use.

Warranty – This product carries a warranty of 2 years.

  • Wall-Mounting Stand

  • 125-Watt motor

  • Super Stainless Blades

  • 2-speed variation

  • Motor heats up in less time of usage and after sale service is not so good

8. Philips Daily Collection HR1600/00 550-Watt Hand Blenders

Once again Philips product has conquered the place in the list of best hand blender in India. Now, you might have an idea that how much good product this company manufactures. This brand has gained trust among people so that customers just check out the name of the brand and purchase the product. This model of Philips has a motor of 550 Watt which performs in a faster and efficient way.

This model includes Pro Mix technology that was innovated together with the Stuttgart University. This advanced technology makes use of a triangular shape that generates the optimal flow and delivers faster blending & mixing within a matter of minutes. This whole package also contains a beaker of 0.5 liters by which you can measure the quantity perfectly.

The 2 button release system of this device makes it easy to use. As you can easily detach the accessories within one press and makes it easy to clean and wash out all the stain from the blender. Moreover, it comes up with a Single Switch that provides convenience while operating. This model has a Slim-Grip fit that can fit in any hand and provide a firm grip while operating.


  • The 2 button release system makes it easy to detach and clean with convenience
  • Pro-Mix technology increases the optimal flow and delivers good blending.
  • It contains a Single Switch that demands only pressing once and the task will be done automatically.
  • The Slim-Grip of this model enhances the quality of grip and maintains stability during a performance.

Warranty – Company offers a warranty of 2 years on the product.

  • Slim-Grip,

  • Pro Mix technology

  • Single Switch Operation

  • 2-Button Release System

  • Noise issue may occur

9. Panasonic MX-SS1 600-Watt Hand Blender

Panasonic is a company that manufactures high-quality products that completes the demand of customers. This brand creates advanced technological items that encourage people to check its products. This product by Panasonic contains a motor with the power of 600-Watt that is suitable for churning, chopping, mixing, and blending chores.

The design of this product is ergonomic due to which it doesn’t cause any difficulty in handling the device while operating. Moreover, its black shiny shade gives it an attractive look and flourishes the decor of the kitchen. It contains a Single On/off button that allows you to simply start and stop the blender by releasing the button. These hand blenders parts are separable which helps in washing the blender better.

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It includes Super Sharp Stainless Steel blades which makes the work easier. These blades can perfectly churn, chop, and blend any kind of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, it enables them to be best for smoothies, buttermilk, cream, and shakes. The product is made up of highly durable plastic that ensures its long term life and durability. This whole package includes two straight and two blending blades therefore, it is listed as the best hand blender in India.


  • The robust motor of 600 watts perfectly chops and blends every type of recipe.
  • It’s Single On/Off button enhances the control to be convenient.
  • The Sharp Stainless Steel blades improve the quality of cutting and do the task much faster.
  • This model comes up with an Easy Grip Handle that enhances grip quality while operating.

Warranty – This product comes up with a warranty of 1 year.

  • 600-Watt Motor

  • Easy Grip Handle

  • Stainless Steel Blades

  • Detachable parts

  • It gets heated after continual use

Best Hand Blenders in India – Buying Guide

Now, you have checked out all of the best hand blender available in India. But still, you are in a dilemma to choose one of the best products among the best according to your needs. Then don’t worry we are here to guide your path.

You might have some questions like:-

  • Best hand blender in the Indian market
  • Which is the Best Hand Blender
  • One of the Best Hand Blender brand

Hand blenders are also called immersion rods or stick blenders, which are an essential part of every kitchen. It can be used in making shakes, smoothies, soups, and chutneys. Some of the blenders got some of the additional parts to perform specific tasks.

best hand blenders in india

If you want a hand blender which fits according to your needs, then you must have deep knowledge about the blenders. Now, we will dive some more deep into the things about hand blenders that must be kept in mind before buying hand blenders.

We recommend you to check out our Buying Guide below that will boost your knowledge and you will be able to make a much better decision of choosing the best hand blender available in India.


As you all know that hand blender is an electrical product which requires a certain voltage to run. It contains a motor which comes in various Watts in different models of hand blenders. This is most important thing that must be checked before buying blenders.

An efficient motor of a blender has high torque which enhances the smoothness of purees and shakes. These motors come in Watts that indicates how powerful the motor is. Therefore, the higher the watts means higher the torque and efficiency.

Most of the blenders come with watts between 100 to 500 watts. The regular motor will have a power of 200 watts that is enough to blend purees, shakes, and smoothies. If you have the tasks to crush the ice or something hard then you must opt for a motor of 500 watts.

Variable Speed Control

The speed of the motor plays an important role while blending food items. The benefit of having a speed level is that in the case of soft items you can set the speed into low mode. On the flip side, when you want to beat and crushing hard items like ice, then you can set the high mode.

These speed control settings make the product more convenient and versatile. You can also check the design of the buttons whether they are holding buttons or dial buttons.

Most of the best hand blender in India come up with 2-speed settings that are suitable for daily use. You can choose the button designs according to your convenience. Some of the blenders come with multiple settings as well. Therefore, the hand blenders with different speed control are expensive than others, with only one-speed control.

Blade material

Blades of hand blenders are so much important to be checked before buying the blenders. You must make sure that the blades are made up of stainless steel material so that it is rust-proof. Therefore, it enhances the durability and performance of the product. Another concern about the blades is the sharpness of the blades. You must check the sharpness of the blade because if the blade is sharp then it can easily blend, chop, beat, and whisk food items.

There is another choice of choosing the plastic blades as the cheaper hand blenders come with plastic blades. The plastic blades are not much durable as compared to the steel blades and not perform smooth blending.

Battery Time

This thing must be considered if you are going with a cordless hand blender. Because these hand blenders depend on the battery backup instead of direct power.

You must check out the battery backup of the device because you don’t want your blender to be stopped while blending or chopping. This may feel bad if your task is paused by the battery issue.

Most of the blenders come with a potential of 8 to 12 minutes of continuous running. This time is good enough to complete any of the blending tasks.

Design of Hand Blender

Another aspect you must consider is the design of the blender. The design of the blender must be good and comfortable with a strong grip. The design of the blenders must be convenient as the buttons of the product must be in an easy position. Thus, it helps in making the tasks more comfortable and easy with a firm grip.

When the motor rotates it produces noise and vibration. This vibration disturbs the stability of the blender, so you must make sure that it is easy to handle while operating.

Size & Weight of Blender

You must choose that model of blender which has lightweight so that it doesn’t tire your hands while holding for long. Most of the hand blenders in India are around 2kg which you have to hold with one hand only. But some of the blenders are more than 2 kg because of their batteries attached to them.

Size of the blenders is another important aspect, as how much area does it covers in the kitchen. The length of the wands is also crucial as when you want to blend in deeper pots or containers then long sticks are useful. But if the stick is short, then blending could not be done properly. On the flip side, the lengthy blenders occupy a large space in the kitchen.

Blade Cage

The Blade Cage of a blender refers to the area that holds the blades. This part plays a crucial role in blending the items and creating smoothness. The gaps between the blades should be sufficient that will allow food for better circulation. Don’t go for plastic blades as they have less durability than stainless steel blades and in case of hot blending, they can get melted.

Cord VS Cordless 

Corded blenders are better in performance as they get direct power from the power outlet. These are much powerful than cordless models.

Cordless blenders can be used if you don’t have enough space on the kitchen countertop or you don’t have any power outlet. These blenders use battery backup for performing operations.

You can choose according to your convenience but as a matter of fact corded blenders are better.


This is related to the other parts which come with a whole package of blenders. The cheaper models of blenders include a blade that blends and chops food items. But these days many blenders come with extra parts such as whisk and chopping blades for specific tasks. Moreover, some of the blenders come up with their own beakers and containers which doesn’t require any additional utensil from the kitchen.

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Maximum Runtime

A hand blender includes a motor that gets up heated when operating. However, some of the hand blenders get heated up in a very short duration. So, you have to give a break and let the blender cool down to further continue the operation.

Most of the best hand blender available in India have a specific time period of running mentioned on the product. You must choose that model which has a perfect time period of running and finishes your task quickly without much break.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance of kitchen appliances is a crucial thing. By regular maintenance and cleaning, we can increase the durability of the device. Coming to the hand blender, it requires proper cleaning after every use. Because the food gets stuck in the blades and it becomes quite difficult to clean with water.

Some models of hand blenders come with separable wands which can be separates and this feature enhances the cleaning process of blenders. In addition, these are dishwasher proof.

Locking System

Some of the blenders contain a button that needs to be pressed during the whole operation. On the flip side, some of the blenders have the function of turning it on and off by pressing the button. So, you can choose the types of buttons in the way you feel convenient.

Warranty and After-Sale Service

Every electrical appliance comes with a warranty for some years. In the case of hand blenders, you must check out the warranty of the device for at least 1 year. Some of the companies offer a warranty of 2 to 3 years which is considered a good warranty period.

After-Sale Service of the product is essential. In case, your product malfunctions before warranty or you met with some issue then you don’t have to worry as the after-sale service is available.

Final Words

You must consider various things for buying a hand blender. Now, in a matter of minutes you know much about the best hand blender in India therefore you can make a better choice for yourself. This whole article contains different brands of products with various features so the decision is yours now.

You can check our articles on the best dishwashers, best water purifiers, best air conditioners, and kitchen tools. If still, you are facing any issues then we are here to help you out. Just comment below your issue and we will respond in no time.

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