How do you pull out piping hot veggies? How do you flip your parathas or turn over meat on the grill? There are many more.The answer to all these is are TONGS which brings out immense help in cooking.

Tongs are those tools which are specially designed for grip and lift objects instead of holding them directly. Tongs application are common in food preparation, preservation or serving purpose.

The pair of tongs provide greater and methodical process when compared tools like knife, fork or food clips.

 These tongs undoubtedly have made life easier for passionate cooks or those who own the kitchen on a daily basis. From serving salads to moving meat from the pan to serving plate tongs perform various tasks.

The exceptional ones make sure of your hand and food safety. One of the kitchen essentials not because they are clever and simple at the same time but one of the durable and versatile tool you’ll come across.

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The best tongs need to handy and sturdy while cooking.

Tongs are an extension of a cook’s arm, they come in different size and modified to suit different needs.

Choosing among variety of tongs can be tricky. Hence, this article will help you out in guiding you some best and top kitchen tongs.


A black color tong is shown in the image

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 These tongs come with a locking system, pull the ring for lock and push it for unlock. Goes with any type of cooking


  • High quality-The product is made of premium quality stainless steel.
  • These tongs are well built for trouble-free handling and flip with ease.
  • Silicone coating makes it scratch-free and rust-free. Hence it won’t melt.
  • Easy use-The soft handle provides a firm grip and control.
  • Safe-Protects your hands from sharp-edged cuts or burning form heat.
  • Multipurpose-Use it for other tasks like holding meat while marinating it, flipping burgers or serving salad.
  • Colour-Variety of colours ae available.
  • It is lightweight to use.
  • Keep it on kitchen slabs without taking much space or you have the option to hang it with a hanging loop.
  • A perfect tool for outdoor use, carry it while you go out for picnics, spending quality time with your loved ones.

  • It’s hygienic as the tong is non-sticky.

  • None



All purpose red color utility tong is shown in the above image.

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This type of product comes with a large surface at the end for maximum holding capacity.

These tongs are common to all households for grilling, grabbing ice cubes, cooking or baking.


  • Quality-Good quality grade steel is used for its elegant design.
  • Colour-Colour options are available in this product.
  • Safety-It ensures no heat transfer.
  • Easy to use, handle it with ease.
  • A durable product and apt for rough handling.
  • You can clean in a dishwasher.

  • Use it at home, hotel or restaurants.

  • A bit short



A sharped teeth tong is shown in the image

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These are perfect for grabbing ice cubes. You don’t need to have a traditional one for lifting up chilled ice cubes.


  • Material-Stainless steel material makes it corrosion-free.
  • Locking mechanism lets your storage easy, you can hang it as well. 
  • Sharp teeth make it convenient grip of ice cubes, preventing ice cubes to drop on the floor.
  • Easy to clean, you can dip it into soapy water for an efficient wash.
  • A durable and long-lasting product.
  • Multipurpose-You can solve serve and cook purpose too.
  • It’s voguish look will work great in restaurants, cafes or bars.

  • Throw a dinner party, make your drink look cooler with this amazing ice tong.

  • None



A blue color tong with flat base at the end is shown in the above image

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These kinds of tongs are created to fulfil the motive of the barbecue process or serving salad in an exceptional manner.


  • Corrosion free-The stainless steel material prevents any rust particle to drop in your food.
  • Safe-The handle makes sure your hands are away from heat.
  • Lock mechanism will keep tongs intact.
  • Say good-bye to storage issues as loops in the tongs will ensure easy hanging in any corner of your kitchen.
  • Grip- The strong grip will ease the control of cooking a or serving a different kind of foods.
  • Rinse it easily under the tap water.
  • A barbecue party should not go fade with traditional tongs, have smart tongs for your party.

  • Use this for performing various tasks whether serving salads in afternoon lunch or fries, pakodas in a tea party.

  • One or two colour options are available.



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Say goodbye to traditional plastic made tongs and use high-quality ones made of silicone that offers one of the vital features of heat resistant.


  • Design-The tongs are created in a way that one end is spoon-like and another one is fork-like structure, Hence the combination of both makes grasp of food like noodles like stuff easily.
  • The locking mechanism, lets you keep it in drawers appropriately.
  • Soft Silicone tips at both ends let us have a tight grip on the handle to have ease in the process of cooking.
  • Quality-It is made of stainless steel material and silicone material won’t melt rust like cheap quality plastic.
  • Clean it under running water or put it into a dishwasher.
  • Safe-They have heat resistant capacity of 480 degrees, keeping your hands safe from burning.
  • They have a non-stick surface which will protect your pans or pots.
  • These Durable tongs will last longer,
  • The loops make you hang it on the hooks of the kitchen.
  • Serve salads or flip different foods without any trouble.
  • Carry it to serve noodles, pasta or macaroni not only at home but also in campaigns or picnics.

  • Locking mechanism prevents jamming up in drawers along with other small utensils.

  • None



A tong used for cake is shown in the image

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Now bakeware also needs right and effective tools to have a yummy plus delicious result.

These are made keeping in mind the requirement of handling or positioning (lifting and placing) cake or other bakeware items while baking.


  • Its stainless steel material will prevent your worries of rust issues.
  • The teeth provided at the end make sure you can swiftly lift up the dishes, Thus preventing any mess.
  • The handles are flexible enough for easy pickup or lifting up of the meal.
  • Restaurants- Use it at cafes or restaurants for quick and mess-free service.
  • Easy cleaning- Simply put it under soapy water for 5 minutes and the sticky parts will vanish away.
  • Now serve pastry, cookies or cake with an elegant and shiny cooking tong.

  • Hang it easily on hooks.

  • Works better when you use it for cool dishes, as it will not be able to handle immense heat.


7) Spaghetti tongs

multicolor tongs  for spaghetti like stuff is shown in the picture.

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All passionate cooks out there, we got you this surprising and stunning spaghetti tongs.

Whole life you are spending time on stores looking out for this, and here you get yourself landed by a click.


  • Material- A stainless steel material will lead to a rust-free problem.
  • Work- The structure is in a way that noodle or spaghetti kinds of stuff get easily hold on these comb-like structure tongs.
  • Safe- High temperature resistant will keep your hands safe from burning.
  • Wash it easily.
  • Heat resistant-Easily fry foods as heat resistant capacity will keep your hands safe.
  • Very durable for restaurants or cafes,present bowl of noodles along with stylish looking spaghetti tongs.
  • Long enough,to keep your hands away from oil splatter.
  • Multifunction, use it for cooking or frying purposes too.

  • Color options are available..

  • Hygienic material,hence no comprise with health. None



A set of 3 tongs handling different food is shown in the image.

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You can now have multifunction tongs at one go. In case you go for breakfast, lunch or dinner make experience more fun and loving with these 3 pieces set of tongs.


  • Premium quality-Corrode away your problems as the tongs are made up of stainless steel material.
  • Size– Like the product in different sizes, A small size ideal for serving salad, a medium one for cooking and a longer one for frying purpose.
  • The silicone material will ensure a non-sticky surface, no marks of oil will be there.
  • Stiff handle-Non-sticky handle and strong grip will neither disturb your cooking process nor damage your cookware.
  • Heat resistant feature will not ouch your hands.
  • The proper locking mechanism will allow convenient storage and control.
  • Easy to use-Use it to toss, flip, turn or serve various dishes comfortably.
  • Clean it easily or simply put in a dishwasher.
  • Perfect for a barbeque party, grill or flip chicken meat or picking ice for cool drinks easily with these tongs.

  • Take it to outdoor gatherings, very light to carry.

  •   Do not use it in an open fire.



A wooden roti tong is shown in the image

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Roti can be moe fluffier and soft with this handcrafted one made of wood.

Usually, we all are in a habit of flipping roti with stainless steel tong that often gets heated up, making your hands burn.

So why think about it too much, trying something new has always been fun.


  • Material-Wood a bad conductor of heat, it doesn’t catch heat, thus easing your cooking process.
  • Its length is enough for your hands to be at distance from the gas burner while making roti.
  • Easy to handle- Flip hot paranthas comfortably with this handmade wooden tong.
  • Lightweight- Very handy product to carry.
  • Shape-The shape is sleek for easy storage without jamming up your drawers.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Use this and make everyone know about this unique creation.

  • It will surely enhance the beauty of your cookery set.

  •  None


A silver color sandwich tong is shown in the image.

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We often try to balance our sandwich or burgers made of any ingredients say cheese tomato or with a cucumber tomato or potato mixture and more.

We always struggle for sandwich ingredients to stay intact while shifting from oven or pan to plates. Don’t get used to that stuff, buy this sandwich tong for a mess-free sandwich.


  • A good material keeps you and your food safe.
  • Multifunction- Just don’t handle only the sandwich stuff but also fry small potato balls for breakfast or snacks.
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • Very light to carry it easily. 
  • Colour-You’ll get this tong in silver colour only.
  • These sandwich tongs are applicable and practical for restaurants or cafes.
  • Take these tongs to picnics or any outdoor gatherings to easily handle light weigh food items like sandwich, burgers or small fries.
  •  Length is not so long.




Gone are the days when we somehow managed to perform several tasks with one tong. Today multifaceted items are available in one category and tongs are one of them.

You should be aware of the right use of different tongs.

Let’s find out the tongs for specific purposes and pick up the best one to serve salad, noodles or assist in the cooking process.

  1. All-purpose tongs-They came with a feature of multifunction whether used for serving or grabbing any dish or in the cooking process.
  2. Serving or presenting tongs-These tongs are meant for the attractive purpose, place them directly in plates for serving a purpose. Usually, you can see them in restaurants or party hall to serve and present the food properly.
  3. Ice tongs-These tongs are will let you transfer ice cubes to the glass, these fancy tongs are available to you in restaurants or bars.
  4. Grill tong- It is one of the efficient ones to pick or toss fried or grilled food items. Mostly, common in barbeque parties bars or cafes’.
  5. Pastry or cake tong-These tongs are especially for bakeware items, handling delicate cake piece or pastry without damaging the upper yummy creamy layer.
  6. Roti tong-The roti tong serves the purpose of heat resistant feature while making Rotis. This is common to most of the households.

Things to keep in mind before purchasing tongs

The most used item ie kitchen tong should be the one in which time should be invested before investing your money.

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We just can’t go ahead and get a hold of any random tong. Like other any important kitchen tool, this one too comes with the special nature of picking up foods or taking out hot noodles from hot water, or holding something which is out of your hand’s reach.

Tongs are quite simple and demanding one at the same time. Hence there should not be any struggle in finding a perfect kitchen tong.

There are several factors while looking for the best kitchen tong.

  1. Usage-First of all, purchase depends on what process and how frequently you need a tong in a day. Different occasions(cooking, baking or serving) calls for different tongs. Chalk out the list of activities you perform in a day with a tong and then go to the above section for choice.
  2. Type of material-Most of the tongs is either made of stainless steel material which keeps away rust issues or silicone which offers heat resistant as well as softness that will good and sturdy grip. It won’t scratch your non-stick cookware.
  3. The grip of the tong- Like a good material, a good grip is equally important. The options available are steel handle or silicone handle or rubberize handle. The choice depends on your needs. The basic function it should display is that it easily lift food items without dropping and damaging it. Hence it should not pinch your skin.
  4. The shape of the tong-There are three types of tongs, the first one is lock mechanism, second is traditional steel ones and third is spring tongs. You can choose according to your comfort level or what type of tasks you are usually engaged in.
  5. Size-Choosing among different-sized tong is also important as size matters where you are dealing with fried items, so you need to be away from oil splatters or heat in cooking or grilling process. You can small one’s for baking or serving purpose.

Cleaning and maintaining instructions

Some of the points to consider while cleaning.

  • You can scrub it manually the oil stains and food marks in soapy water and leave it for few minutes.
  • Put it in the dishwasher and prevent exhaustion of hands from manual work.
  • Or simply wash it under running tap water immediately after use.

The cleaning process is not so hectic and after cleaning you can easily hang it or store in your cabinets.


If you are using tongs in the cooking process,don’t rest it against the hot pan, if the tongs are in steel material it will burn the handles and your hands.


Cooking tongs are one of the important kitchen tools. As different tongs suit different functions, it is advised that you purchase different tongs for different process.

After a comprehensive research of several tongs, we came up with best and top kitchen tongs that ever cook deserves.

We looked into several factors like rating, reviews and prices.

These will not be easily available to you in stores or markets. Therefore, we presented you the best products in the above list. 

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