Best Air Purifier in India

Do you know which country has the worst Air Pollution? It’s India, our country has the world’s worst air pollution. Moreover, India stands at 5th position amongst the most polluted countries in the world. But here the matter of concern in indoor air because the majority of people live with a misconception that indoor air is much pure as compared to outdoors. However, indoor air is also polluted and can cause many breathing issues when unnoticed. So, for Indians, air purifiers are essential living in urban areas. Therefore, you must go for the best air purifier in India.

As you all know that INDIA is the second most populated nation in the world. As a result, a high population means more use of automobiles, more consumption of fuel, higher production of goods and eventually this causes a higher rate of pollution.

Which is the best Air Purifier in India

Due to many industries, and the large use of automobiles in India, pollution is increasing day by day. In other words, this rise in pollution is causing Global Warming that has a huge impact on our environment.

As a result, with an increase in awareness and contribution to the environment, many people are taking interest in air purifiers. If you are one of them then you must buy the best air purifier in India for yourself. And to make this happen, you must read this article till the end.

To provide you convenience, we have a list of the top 10 best air purifier in India along with a Buying Guide that will enhance your decision-making. Above all, we recommend you to check out our Buying Guide that will lead you on the path to the best air purifier in India 2021.

Best Air Purifier for Home in India

1. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

This brand is a British brand which was established by Sir James Dyson in the year 1991. This is a company that has been manufacturing home appliances for more than two decades. Moreover, air purifier from Dyson cleans all over 99.9% of impurities from your room as it contains a filter with the size of PM 0.1. Therefore, that eliminates even small kinds of impurities or pollutants and results in much pure air.

Best air purifier in India

This model uses Air Multiplies technology to monitor and circulate purified air all over the room. As a result, this technology maintains freshness and purity in the room. This device has a lower face velocity that grabs all the impurities from the room and keeps them sealed. Moreover, this product contains a 360 degree HEPA filter that enhances the reach of purified air to each corner and gap of the room.

This air purifier comes up with an in-build LED Display that shows all the information about temperature, humidity, and gas detected. Therefore, by this, you can easily see the air quality and purify it to the level you want. You can monitor and track all the information by its Dyson Link App that is very helpful. The machine also comes up with a night mode that automatically dims the LED display and lowers the noise level. Above all, this model is certified by AAFA that proves that it is safe for Asthma patients.


  • It contains 360 Degree Glass HEPA filters that trap all the small allergens and impurities.
  • This model comes with the Dyson Link App that tracks all the data of the room.
  • The product contains an in-built LED screen to display all the information and enhances its look.
  • It is certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America
  • This product comes up with an oscillation feature that makes the air purity up to an extent.

Warranty – This product comes up with a warranty of 2 years.

  • It can be controlled by Smartphone

  • Quiet during operation

  • HEPA filter technology

  • Attractive design

  • This product is a bit expensive

2. Philips AC1215 Air Purifier with Carbon & HEPA Filter

Philips is a multinational brand that is renowned worldwide for its durable and advanced quality products. This brand manufactures products for the kitchen and household purposes. This model by Philips provides you the best air quality at night time without making any noise. This air purifier eliminates up to 99.9% of impurities from the room and makes the room fresh. Moreover, this device auto-sense the air quality at night and freshen it up.

The HEPA filters along with Carbon filters remove all kinds of allergens and impurities by trapping them up. With its low sound and dim light, it is considered the best air purifier especially for night time because it maintains the decorum for sleep. This air purifier contains an Auto Purification Model that detects and eliminates the PM 2.5 level of pollutants. Therefore, it results in better purification of air.

The purification system of this purifier is real-quick with a CADR of 270m³ per hour that purifies the room in a couple of minutes. As a result, this feature increases the efficiency of the product even in the long run. This model auto-detects if there is any need to replace the filter which is a fantastic feature. In addition, comes up with a  Child Lock feature to avoid any kind of tamper by the children.


  • The Healthy Air Protect Alert enhances in extending the life of the product.
  • It comes up with a Nano Protect HEPA filter that removes dust and impurities from the room.
  • This model can give feedback on air quality from Blue (Safe) to Red (Unsafe).
  • Its Night Sense Auto Mode delivers comfort at night with dim light and noiseless operation.
  • This air purifier is certified by Airmid and ECARF

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 2 years.

  • Very less noise

  • Perfect for small houses

  • Energy Efficient

  • It includes Child Lock 

  • It becomes a bit noisy in turbo mode

  • Filters are expensive of this air purifier

3. Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009

This is a Korean brand which is famous worldwide for its air purifiers. This company manufactures good quality air purifiers with high technology at cheap prices. This model by Coway comes up with 3 layers of filtration; which are Pre Filter that removes filth and dust then comes Carbon Filter which removes harmful gases. Additionally, the Green Anti Flu HEPA filter removes all kinds of impurities such as viruses, germs, and micro-dust particles of PM 2.5.

Moreover, this Green HEPA filter is made up of Ginko and Japanese Sumac that removes the H1N1 viruses and many other diseases. This air purifier is suitable for an area of 350 square feet which makes it best for our bedrooms and living rooms. Moreover, the model has a unique and sleek design which makes it attractive and therefore raises the standard of the room as well as purity of air.

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The filtration power of this model is around a CADR of 303m³ per hour which delivers purified air to every corner of the room. This model comes up with the technology of noiseless operation so that you can sleep comfortably without any disturbance at night. The power consumption of this model is around 38 watts. Moreover, one-touch air-speed control of this air purifier provides ease for controlling it.


  • It performs the noiseless operation at night without any inconvenience.
  • It comes up with a real-time air quality indicator that shows Blue (Pure) and Red (Unsafe) colors.
  • This model contains one-touch speed adjustments with four-speed settings.
  • HEPA filter with Japanese Sumac traps all the impurities from the room.
  • The Filter Replacement indicator of this model auto-detects in need of any new filter. 

Warranty – The Company offers a warranty of 1 year on electrical parts and 5 years on motor.

  • The HEPA filter eliminates all impurities

  • Good for Indian Living Rooms

  • Filter Indicator

  • Super Silent Operation

  • This model doesn’t contain Night Mode option

4. Mi Air Purifier 2S

This is a very popular brand from China which is famous for producing mobile phones at cheap rates. This company manufactures various kinds of products such as earphones, power banks, etc. It comes up with 2 modes; With and Without Alexa Echo Dot technology. As a result, this air purifier can be controlled by the featured app which thereby indicates the replacement of the new filter.

Best air purifiers in India

Moreover, it contains 3 layers of air purification which are; Pre Filter that removes hair and dust particles, and an H11 Grade HEPA filter that removes harmful bacteria and micro-sized particles. And at last, Activated Carbon Filter eliminates harmful gases and odor from the surroundings. In addition, The design of this model contains 943 intake holes that increase the intake quantity of air and delivers purified air from 360° cyclical filtration from all directions.

This air purifier contains an OLED display that shows PM 2.5 levels in the surroundings and continuously keeps you updated about air purification. The CADR of this air purifier is around 310m³ per hour that purifies the room in a matter of minutes. Moreover, it covers an area of 37 square meters that is suitable for the bedroom or a living room. Above all, Air Quality is automatically detected by its laser sensor which can even detect PM 0.3 particles.


  • The True HEPA filter eliminates all the bacteria and small particles from the room.
  • Its 3 layer of purification enhances the air quality of the room and freshens up the room consequently.
  • OLED touch Display of this model provides you a better display and ease while controlling.
  • This is a smart device as it can be connected and controlled through an application.
  • Replacement of Filter can be auto-detected by the Laser Sensor of this purifier.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 1 year.

  • Smart Control by an app

  • Filter can be washed

  • Night Mode options

  • Silent Operation

  • The replacement filter is often not available in company’s website

5. Honeywell Air Touch

This company is famous in India for its air purifiers. This brand manufactures high-quality air purifiers that are equipped with advanced technology and provides them at cheap rates. Additionally, the product is basically known for its all-over covering and good operation in the cleaning of the impurities from the room in a couple of minutes. As a result, this air purifier takes air from its sides as well as the bottom and then releases purified air from its top.

It contains a Pre- Filter that traps dust and pollutants from the room and prevents it from reaching the high standard features. Moreover, this also increases the life span of the HEPA filter and HiSiv filters. It comes up with a CADR of 300m³ per hour that clears all the impurities from the room in less than 10 minutes which makes it suitable for a bedroom as well as a living room. 

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The 3D airflow system of this model ensures the reach of fresh air into every corner and crack of the room. In addition, this device comes up with an LCD display that represents all the data of the room on its screen. Significantly, the main feature of this air purifier is that it contains 100% ozone free function that means this device doesn’t release harmful gases by the process of filtration. As a result, the pre-filter is also easy to wash without any difficulty.


  • It comes up with a 3 stage filtration system with HEPA and HiSiv filters.
  • The model contains a CADR of 300m³ per hour that filters all the impurities from the room.
  • Its 3D airflow system intake air from sides as well as bottom and release purified air from the top.
  • This model can easily manage the real-time pollution levels in your room.
  • It is a completely Ozone Free device and doesn’t discharge any detrimental gases while functioning.

Warranty – This product comes with a warranty of 1 year.

  • Energy-Efficient

  • Higher CADR rating cleans up the room in 10 minutes

  • It doesn’t emit any unsafe gases

  • The after-sale service are not much good and makes a bit noise

6. Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350

This company is from India that serves people with its good quality air purifiers. It is a leading company of air purifiers in major cities of India and people are becoming aware of this brand. It offers a very promising performance as guaranteed by the company. Above all, an air purifier from Atlanta comes up with a 7-stage filtration process that delivers highly purified air from the filter.

Results of Best air purifier in India

This model is suitable for living rooms as it comes with a CADR of 170m³ per hour and a coverage area of 350 square feet. This air purifier comes with a Pre-Filter that always prevents its other filters from getting in contact with pollutants and dust. Moreover, this also comes up with a unique air quality odor sensor that is displayed on its LED display which is one of its good features.

This air purifier comes up with a feature of controlling it from a remote and mobile phone. As a result, the power consumption of this filter is around 43 Watts that is fair enough to be called an energy-efficient device. Its 7 stage Filter includes; 1. Pre-Filter, Anti-Bacterial Filter, HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Photo Catalyst Filter, Ultraviolet and Ionizer. Above all, it is perfect for highly polluted cities in India  


  • Its 7 Stage Filtration technology is good enough to eliminate all kinds of impurities.
  • The CADR of this model is 170m³ per hour that freshens up the room quickly.
  • This model contains Air Quality Odour Sensor that eliminates bad smells from the surroundings.
  • Auto-Start feature enables it to continue its operation after the power cut off.
  • Its LED display shows all the information about the air quality on the screen.

Warranty – This model comes up with a warranty of 1 year.

  • It is featured with 3 speed modes

  • HEPA Filter with 7 stages of filtration

  • Timer between 1 to 12 hours

  • Sensor functioning can malfunction after long use

  • CADR is not much high which is ideal for small rooms

7. Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Model DP04

One more time this brand has made its place in the list of best air purifier available in India. This British company is a well-known company for air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. Therefore, this model ensures high-quality air purification that delivers purified air while operating. This model by Dyson can auto-detect all the types of impurities and pollutants in the room. Moreover, it displays all the details of impurities and pollutants on the screen.

Best air purifier in India

This air purifier is loaded with Air Multiplier Technology which is capable of delivering around 290 liters per second of pure airflow that maintains freshness in the room. This model contains 360 degree HEPA filters which can trap around 99.9% of micropollutants up to the size of 0.1 microns. Moreover, this HEPA filter and activated carbon filters trap all kinds of pollutants and impurities from its surroundings.

This model comes up with an Air Quality Indicator that is updated every 12 seconds and ensures the purification of high quality. In addition, it includes a feature of 24 hours AQI graph on its screen. It also contains a draught-free diffused mode that purifies the air from side vents without its robust projection. Along with this, it also functions in cooling the room in summers like a bladeless fan.


  • The Night Mode feature of this model ensures noiseless operation and keeps you undisturbed.
  • Its Filter Replacement feature alerts you on the LCD screen for changing filters.
  • This model comes up with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features which makes it advanced air purifiers.
  • It is ideal for a room-sized of 550 to 600 square feet that is good for a living room.
  • Air Quality Indicator displays data on the LCD screen to keep you informed.

Warranty – This product comes with a warranty of 2 years.

  • Rotating Air Vents makes it flexible and handy

  • 360 degree HEPA filter ensures better purification

  • Night Mode

  • It is a bit expensive as compared to other models

8. Philips 3000 series (AC3256/20)

Once again Philips has conquered its place in this list of best air purifier in India. This is a reputed brand that has been serving in India for many decades. Philips has gained trust from its customers by producing good quality and innovative technology products. This model by Philips can remove up to 99.9% of virus and impurities of the room including H1N1 viruses and particles.

Best air purifier company in India

This model contains Vita Shield and Aera Sense to provide you the best quality of air. The Vita Shield technology of this product eliminates ultra-fine particles and allergens from its surroundings. This device comes up with a Nano Protect HEPA filter which traps all the allergens and impurities from the room and freshens up the air quality. Moreover, the Allergen Mode of this model can easily knock out common airborne allergens. 

The Aera Sense feature of this model can easily detect small particles up to PM 2.5 and displays real-time data on the screen. The aerodynamic design of this purifier can boost up to 393m³ per hour which makes it suitable for a room size of 100 square meters. The Sleep Mode feature of this model lowers its noise-making without compromising on air purification. Therefore, it doesn’t cause any disturbance at night during sleep.


  • Aera Sense technology indicates the replacement of filters.
  • It comes up with HEPA & Activated Carbon filter that protects you from injurious gases.
  • The Sleep mode feature dims the light and slows down the fan to reduce the noise.
  • This purifier is certified allergen-free by ECARF, Airmid & AHAM.
  • It includes 4 step color ring that delivers real-time indoor feedback.

Warranty – Company offers a warranty of 2 years on this product

  • Auto Switch off and on after power cut off

  • Sleep mode reduces noise

  • Energy-Efficient

  • This product is a bit expensive

9. Philips 2000 Series AeraSense

Philips is a trustworthy brand in India that has gained interest from its customers. This series of the Philips of 2000 is similar to its 3000 series. This air purifier contains three pre-settings that you can set as per requirements. This model is suitable for a simple bedroom with a CADR of 344m³ per hour. Therefore, it fills up the room with fresh air and eliminates all impurities. This model eliminates all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and allergens from the room.

Results for Best air purifier company in India

The Ara Sense technology of this model can detect impurities of size PM 2.5. After this, it automatically traps all the particles and makes your room free from allergens and particles. Its Healthy Air Protect feature automatically indicates if there is a need for another filter. The Vita Shield IPS technology ensures the flawless cleanness of the room by removing 99.9% of the impurities from the room.

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This model comes up with Bacteria and Virus mode that thrashes out all kinds of allergens and microbes from the surroundings. Moreover, another essential feature of this device is its low noise making. This air purifier makes less noise without compromising any quality of purification therefore, doesn’t disturb your convenience. Additionally, this is a 100% Ozone free appliance that is suitable for Asthma patients.


  • The noise of this device is reduced to 20.5db which lets you sleep without any noise.
  • Its Aera Sense technology traps all kinds of impurities from the room and freshens it.
  • This can automatically indicate when there is a need for any new filter.
  • The model is equipped with Vita Shield and Nano Protect filter that eliminates allergens.
  • This is a 100% Ozone Free device that doesn’t emit any harmful gases.

Warranty – The product comes with a warranty of 2 years

  • Noiseless Operation

  • Ideal for breathing disease patients

  • Ozone Free Filter

  • This model is a bit expensive and consumes a good amount of electricity

Types of Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet Technology

This air purifier with this technology comes up with a UV Lamp that destroys all kinds of germs and bacteria when passed through it. The majority of air purifier filters use this filter after HEPA and Activated filter.

This type of filter converts water and oxygen molecules available in the air into hydroxyl and ozone. The purification of this type of air purifier depends on the wattage of the electricity and its functioning.

HEPA Technology

This technology has been known for many years for filtering and eliminating impurities from the air. This stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air which is mostly found in every air purifier. Moreover, this type of filter comes with the ability to eliminate 99% of the impurities from the air. It doesn’t generate any harmful gases like ozone etc. Above all, this filter is found in the best air purifier in India.

Activated Carbon Technology

This is an activated carbon filter that was firstly used in the year 1900’s to purify water and the color from sugar. This is a type of granular filter that is made up of porous material that can trap allergens and impurities in a big amount.

This filter can easily absorb all the smells, odors of tobacco, chemical emissions, and gases. It includes MCS Multi Chemical Sensitivity which absorbs formaldehyde. Additionally, this is a type of filter that comes after the HEPA filter.

Negative Ions

These ions come up with the ability to attract airborne particles like dust and pollen grains. The collected particles become too heavy to remain in the air therefore this causes the particles to fall and gather in another solid area such as a window.

But this type of filter is not much effective as compared to others. The reason is that it doesn’t have the ability to eliminate and clear out all the harmful allergens and particles from the air.

Best Air Purifier in India (Buying Guide)

 It is sure now that you are planning to have a purchase an air purifier. And obviously, you want to buy the best air purifier available in India. So, you might be in some kind of dilemma to choose the best air purifier in the Indian market. Many questions may be popping into your mind like-

  • Best air purifier company in India
  • Which is the best air purifier in India
  • Best air purifier in India
  • Which is the best air purifier for home in India
  • Best air purifier for home in India

Choosing the right kind of air purifier while concerning the features and technology acts like an encumber for the best air purifier present in India. You have to keep many things in mind like safety, maintenance, efficiency about the product.

Here, in this buying guide, you will get all the details about the air purifier concepts. So check out this and get a deep knowledge about the air purifier which will enhance your choice.

Reason for Air Purifier

If you are buying an Air Purifier for yourself then there must be a certain reason for buying it.

In case you have a member with an Asthma patient or some allergic problem with gases then it is a valid reason for buying it. As a result, the purifier will supply you with fresh air that can be beneficial for the patients.

Do you know that indoor spaces contain a high amount of pollution than outdoor?

It includes the impurities of dust, animal dander, and pollens. Moreover, harmful chemicals such as phenyl and detergents can release some harmful gases as well as the odor in the room. Some of the people have allergies from perfumes essence that cause breathing problems to them.


As suggested by the name these filters are placed at the front of the air purifier. The main function of this filter is to trap big impurities such as hairs, dust animal dander, etc. It is made up of foam or some kind of non-woven polyester material.

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These filters are easy to wash when some quantity of dust or residue is stick to them.  Above all, these filters are available in every air purifier and also are very affordable.

CADR Clean Air Delivery Rate

This is meant by the power of the air purifies by which it is delivering high-quality air. This is the rate that denotes the cubic feet of air it can purify in one minute. The higher CADR denotes higher and better performance. Overall, this figure is mentioned in cubic meters per hour.


This is an essential point to remember that the air purifier must have a timer. In case, you forgot to turn off the air purifier then you don’t need to worry because the auto-timer can switch it off when the time is up. Therefore, this can save your electricity and makes the model energy-efficient.

Adjustable Speed Settings

Most of the air purifiers come with an adjustable fan speed which can be between 2 to 5 settings. Some of the models come with the mode of Turbo option that speeds up the fan speed which delivers a higher process of purification. This mode is useful when you want to clean the room in less time. Moreover, this feature is available in the best air purifier in India.

Air Quality Sensors

This is a feature that comes in advanced air purifiers that auto-detects the quality of air. After these purifiers make the necessary adjustments in the air quality by delivering the air quality which is necessary. This is a technology that is available in most of the new models of air purifiers.


There are many indicators in the air purifier which is a part of advanced technology. There are a lot of indicators in air purifiers such as Replacement Filters and the indication when the filter needs some wash. This indicator auto-detects when the filter is filled with residue and pollutants. As a result, this can be beneficial for the customer as you don’t have to always check again and again the filter dust and all.

Smart Mobile Control

This is one of the major features of the air purifiers which let you control the device with the help of a remote and by using an application. These remote air purifiers can provide high convenience to you by controlling the device without touching it.

Mobile control air purifiers

These Smart devices are a bit expensive but are worth it. Therefore you can even connect these purifiers with an application and control according to you. If you are willing to pay more so, you must go with smart mobile control air purifiers.

Size of Room and Purifier

This is another important aspect that must be considered before buying air purifiers. You need to know the square footage of the air purifiers on the packaging. For the good performance of the air purifier, you should check the measurements of the room according to the air purifier.

Now, you need to compare that the square footage rating of the air purifier is equal to or greater than the size of the room. You can measure the square footage of the room by measuring its width and length. Eventually, you can calculate the area of the room and choose the air purifier as per requirement.

Noise Level

You must put attention to the noise level of the air purifier that how much noise it is making while operating. If you don’t have a deep sleep and get disturbed with small noise then you choose air purifiers with less noise. Moreover, are many models of air purifiers that have a Night mode feature that lowers the noise level by decreasing the speed of the fan. And all of this can be done with the touch of a button.


As you know warranty plays a vital role in every electrical appliance. So, you must check out the warranty on air purifiers. The warranty of the device allows you to be tension free about any uncertainties of the device

You are required to observe the duration of the warranty for long-term use because the electrical appliances are unpredictable. As a result, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on defective pieces.

Final Words

Finally, you are now in the time to buy the air purifiers according to your condition and suitability. But still, you should focus on the financial value, CADR, and the ability of the purifier best for the air quality. Therefore, you have much more knowledge about air purifiers and the task of choosing the air purifier is easy for you.

You can clear your opinions by reading out other articles like; kitchen tongs, peelers, steam irons, and solar panels. So, we hope that you buy the best air purifier in India as per your requirements.

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