About Us

About Us of Changa Home – In the blink of an eye advancing technology has been surrounding us with some engaging and noteworthy products. There has been a lot of variations in-home products

  That’s how we CAME, EXPLORED and REACHED out to you.

Changa Home has been in constant extensive research of products portraying elegance, the style you wish for your home.

We believe that you treat your home as a living being with adequate care. Therefore, make that care easier with joy and gaiety at easy on the pocket price.

Our goal is to redefine the concept of design in your perception.

With our guidance and directions, you can undergo a drastic change in designing your house(from the living room to the bathroom), throw a lavish dinner party with an ambience no less than a restaurant. As a result, consume a good quality house-cooked meal. You can also check about us on our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.